Clinical Sports Medicine. | Voted Sports Medicine Book of the Year in 2002 (2nd edition) and 2007 (3rd edition) Brukner & Khan’s Clinical Sports Medicine is the comprehensive and practical guidebook to sport and exercise medicine. This new edition has over 200 new images and now includes video teaching (see Masterclasses tab).

Volume 1 done and dusted. Has to be printed though so the rush copies will be available in (late) December 2016. Bulk production available from the start of 2017 in good time for the January/Febuary academic terms.

Fantastic new authors — the biggest names in sports physiotherapy, all chapters renovated, tons of new MRIs, a raft of new artwork to explain the novel concepts. Best edition by a mile. Way better than 4th…

Thanks a ton to the authors and the artist – they are what makes CSM.

Thanks to all of you who have had many great things to say about the 4th edition and the work of the 115 awesome contributors.

The good news is that 150+ contributors have FINISHED the 5th edition. The 5th edition will come in two volumes. Volume 1 is the “Injuries” part and it WILL BE AVAILABLE for Xmas 2016.

Volume 2, “Exercise Medicine” will come out in 2018. We are working on one book at a time. We are confident you will love Volume 1 of 5th edition – complete renovation!

This website will be pretty inactive while we focus on getting the book finished.


BJSM & Clinical Sports Medicine UK Tour April 28 to May 6th, 2014

Monday 28th April 

Edinburgh University / Edinburgh Sports & Exercise Medicine Society (full house, sold out; can you ‘sell out’ a free gig?)

Tuesday 29th April  

Dublin / Evening venue & programme: Royal College of Surgeons 

Paste this to view program:

Wednesday 30th April

Manchester University Sports and Exercise Medicine Society in the AM

Teesside University in the PM 

Thursday 1st May  

York College in the AM

Leeds Metropolitan Uni in the PM

Friday 2nd May  

Edgehill University (Liverpool) 11 am to 1 pm

Sample program: Agenda: 4 x 20 minute modules with 10 mins discussion for each one; ‘Doc I’ve Done my Groin’ Peter Brukner; 3 current controversies in Sports Medicine including concussion and PRP (K2), Working with at Team (PB), Therapist career development (K2)

Saturday 3rd May  

Birmingham: Undergrad SEM conference

Tuesday 6th May

University College London (UCL) – evening event. 

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Overview of course while internet is down


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