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For more than 22 years, Dr. Deborah Fox has led a private orthodontist practice in Rochester, New York. Dr. Deborah Fox recently introduced to her office the iTero Digital Scanner, which provides an alternative to traditional impressions.

Many dental and orthodontic patients dread sitting through an impression. The associated material is not only messy but also can be extremely uncomfortable and can easily activate a patient’s gag reflex. The iTero Digital Scanner serves as a safe and comfortable alternative. Using laser technology, it takes an accurate three-dimensional image of the patient’s teeth and gums.

The iTero Digital Scanner uses a hand-held wand that the dentist or orthodontist manipulates to capture images of the teeth. The scan appears on a screen that both practitioner and patient can view in real time, and the final product is then available to transmit directly to a laboratory. Furthermore, if the practice has the technology available, the iTero system can create a three-dimensional printout in-office to support faster development of treatment plans.

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