Fitness Kidz

A wide range of activities from sports like soccer, basketball, t-ball and tennis to coordination games like unique obstacle courses, monkey tag, various ball handling activities, balance beams and many other fun gross motor skill games. Kids will learn and perform skills such as fitness, strength, posture, ball handling, skipping, endurance, agility, balance, speed, power, tumbling, spatial and sensory awareness.

Primary Schools

This is a 1 hour program which comes to your school as a one-off visit which is a very popular, hands-on alternative to ‘shows’ and can be used during school holidays too! Seasonal activities that can include Giant Poison Ball, a variety of sports and for those hotter periods, Slip n Slides and super soaker fun!

Active After School Community (AASC)

We are proud to work with the Australian Sports Commission to deliver Community Coaches to primary schools for an hour of sporty fun.

Vacation Care

What to do for entertainment in those boring school holidays? Get Fitness Kidz in, that’s what!! There is an unlimited amount of activities we can do with kids that will get them up and active. Our instructors have that get up and go attitude that kids just feed off. The only downside is when it’s time to pack up!


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