Boston hospital admitting several child coronavirus patients per day

Boston Children’s Hospital is admitting several COVID-19 pediatric patients per day during the surge in coronavirus cases throughout the state.”I’d say our rate of admissions has been higher over the past week, for sure,” said Dr. Michael Agus, the chief of medical critical care at Boston Children’s Hospital.There are currently 11 children at the Boston hospital who are sick with the virus, including three in the intensive care unit.Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, Children’s Hospital has admitted a total of 25 kids who have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.”I think these are small numbers, but it doesn’t feel small if you’re one of those 25,” Agus said.According to Agus, most of the COVID-19 patients at Boston Children’s Hospital have underlying health conditions and their symptoms are similar to those seen in adult coronavirus patients, such as respiratory distress. There is some good news for the overall health … Read More