BollyWorks Fitness – BollyWorks – Bollywood dance & fitness classes in Redmond WA

BollyWorks Fitness (BWF) offers a HIIT (high-intensity interval trainingformat, Bollywooddanceinspired fitness workout. Essentially, it’s an hour of cardio dance fitness set to upbeat Bollywood music that’ll make you smile, sweat, tone, and burn. Workouts no longer need to be boring: From the start, to finish this one feels like a dance party set to the best tracks. No prior dance or fitness experience is required. Our experienced instructors include modifications to accommodate your needs. 

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What makes BollyWorks Fitness unique?

  • Created by authentic Bollywood dance & fitness professionals – Yup! we’ve got an amazing team right at the top making sure you get the best of Bollywood dance every single time
  • We’ve been in the dance and fitness industry for over 13 years now. This is not your average Bollywood fitness class
  • We’re local – yes!
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