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Fitness Instructor Led Exercise Class From A Roof

The mental health impact of COVID-19 cannot be overstated. People across the globe are fearful and anxious as they face long days of quarantine, but even in these difficult times, humans are finding ways to stay active and connected.

In Spain, a country that has implemented strict quarantine measures in order to limit the spread of coronavirus, a fitness instructor named Gonzalo led apartment-dwellers in a group workout session. Standing on a nearby rooftop deck, Gonzalo (who is an instructor with the fitness center Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales) demonstrated exercises for homebound Spaniards, as he lunged, squatted and jumped his way across the courtyard.

Watch the inspiring video captured by Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales’s Instagram account @sanosevillabermejales below:

People of all ages joined in the calorie-busting routine, as they watched from their balconies overlooking the rooftop deck. The caption accompanying the video says, “This is how @gonzalo_gbroto is passing the

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