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Hendersonville, TN Dentist | DentalWorks

“My hygienist was soo amazing the dentist too finally I found a great oral care for my family”

B.H. | Google

“Marvin Biggs asked me to write this review for him. Everyone was super nice and made my appointment very comfortable. They explained every step and made me feel like I was the only patient there. The dentist was so nice and made sure that I didn’t feel any pain.”

D.B. | Google

“Dental hygienist was very personable and made lots of friendly convo although I couldn’t engage back in conversation. Dentist was nice too. Quick and organized service”

A.R. | Google

“Best service ever!!! Cara and Diamond walked me through every single step from financial help to scheduling for a root canal! I couldn’t be more impressed! Thankyou.”

L.H. | Google

“I love this place! They make me feel welcomed as soon as I walk in to when I

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Wake Forest, NC Dentist | DentalWorks

“My experience today at Dental Works as a new patient was good. I hadn’t visited a dentist office in years and scheduled an appointment for a dental emergency. Not only did they get me scheduled on the same day, but they also extracted the tooth that was bothering me and helped me get back on track just prior to closing. The front desk staff were friendly and supportive and the dental hygienist and dentist were professional and easy to interact with. I would definitely recommend them for anyone looking for a dentist.”

K.J. | Google

“I had a lower front tooth break off only to see there was a cavity. I contacted DW and they called me on Friday and made me an appt for the following Monday at 8:00a.m. I got in on time and they were able to fill the tooth on the same day. I was very

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Reynoldsburg, OH Dentist | DentalWorks

“I recently went from my wife’s insurance to mine. Had to go to a large chain dentist with her insurance. They demoralized me about my teeth and how long its been since I was at a dentist. I never went back to that chain after the first visit. With my new insurance I was able to go to Dentalworks. Let me tell you, I am glad I did. I had waited too long to go to a dentist and had tooth pain. The staff at Dentalworks was super friendly and didn’t “shame” me for not seeing a dentist sooner like the other place. The said “all that matters is you are here now and we will get you taken care of”. P.S.-not sure if its because of a different insurance, but Dentalworks is about 60% less expensive AND they do all the work in house. The other “large chain” dentist

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Macedonia, OH Dentist | DentalWorks

“very kind staff and very clean place.”

K.G. | Google

“Sarah was amazing. She went above and beyond to help me with establishing a healthy tooth maintenance regiment that has paid off in significant ways. The staff and doctor were helpful and personable…I highly recommend them.”

T.B. | Google

“Mike is amazing!!! I have very bad anxiety about the dentist and he totally calms me down!! He is also very gentle and careful. He is just the best! Thank you Mike!!!”

L.B. | Google

“Dr Vandana and her staff are truly awesome, polite, caring and informative.”

B.L. | Google

“Doctor Krajekian and the entire staff where absolutely Fantastic !!!!”

K.K. | Google

“Great service all around, they also give great tips and info for the future.”

A. | Google

“Crown Prep is a trying experience but got through it alright. Doc and her Assistant did an amazing job prepping the

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High Point, NC Dentist | DentalWorks

“I loved my visit ❤️ to your office I got what I was looking for”

B.M. | Google

“I have been very happy with Dr. Lee and the entire staff. My condition was explained as well as my opinions and costs to correct. Would highly recommend y’all.”

C.E. | Google

“The staff was friendly 👍My dental assistant she was excellent and Dr. Chase was alright with me👍👍👍👍As of March 11, 2020 I am very pleased with their services. The staff is always Friendly, in good Spirits, there is comfortable, relaxed environment. Thanks”

C.F. | Google

“I was very impressed with Dr. Lee’s courtesy and skill. I had 2 front teeth that were chipped and missing enamel. She fixed both of them very professionally and the results are smooth and natural feeling and it looks a lot better too. I would recommend her.”

L.H. | Google

“I am always uptight and

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South Durham, NC Dentist | DentalWorks

“I wanna tell you the truth about DentalWorks SouthPoint. My REAL experience. First off, I’m a 43 year old man who only had 3 dental visits his whole life. I needed work……..badly. My first visit with DentalWorks was in Burlington where I had a consultation. I was assessed and given a treatment plan. I would have surgery in February. February turned into March and March into April. Finally the day of surgery I was told I was too unhealthy and they would not do the procedu…”

J.M. | Facebook

“Efficient and friendly. Been my Dentist for three years”

T.H. | Facebook

“friendly, competent staff”

B.M. | Facebook

“friendly staff, easy scheduling appointments”

Y.R. | Facebook

“The friendly people and they let you know everything before they do it.”

R.P. | Facebook

“Dentalworks Southpoint is an excellent dental group!  My husband and I were warmly welcomed by all staff members and

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