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Australians Tragically Forced To Endure ‘Grim Gyms’ To Maintain Fitness Routine

Australians are taking desperate measures to stay fit without angering their neighbours or spending a fortune on equipment. This is the conclusion DMARGE has come to after analysing (and let’s be honest, comparing our own setups with) the latest of the two million ‘home-gym’ hashtagged posts on Instagram. The main takeaway? Though there is some gold, Australia’s current workout situation, generally speaking, is more ‘prison chic’ than ‘bountiful and beautiful.’

From sofas to pets to doorways, no household implement is safe. Kicking off the craze, we found Scott Henderson from Men’s Health Australia turning your ‘workout from home’ stereotypes upside down with an exercise that requires zero equipment whatsoever.


Grim? Perhaps. But effective. This exercise, also, for those of you like DMARGE founder Luc Wiesman (who told us, “My reasoning for starting my own grim gym in the garage was because we were told off by the neighbours below for

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