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BREAKING NEWS: Phil Heath will NOT compete at Athleticon – Why We Train

BREAKING NEWS: Phil Heath will NOT compete at Athleticon.

So many rumors flying around about the new Athleticon contest in Atlanta. As always, most of the stories are from bloggers and websites looking for clicks.

The subject of who will be competing at Athleticon’s ICON World Classic is the most popular subject at the moment.

Robin Chang, the man in charge of promoting the event, confirmed via his social media that the ICON World Classic will be a invitational event.

Evolutionofbodybuilding.net can confirm that Phil Heath will NOT be competing in this new event called the ICON World Classic. Heath will not publicly confirm his plans but we have been in contact with high-level people working with Athleticon as well as people close to Heath and it is known in those circles that Heath will not be competing in Atlanta.

This site has also learned

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