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Need to see a dentist? Better call first – News

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Photo: Lindsey Shuey / Staff Photographer, License: N/A, Created: 2020:03:12 14:10:26

LINDSEY SHUEY / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Anna Sauber, a dental hygienist, examines patient Kay Neidlinger, of Minersville, early last month at Mill Creek Dental in Pottsville.

Remote dentistry is about as tricky as it sounds.

In a field that’s so dependent on touch, dentists say guidance from state health officials encouraging care over the phone to prevent COVID-19 from spreading has made their jobs far more complicated.

“Teledentistry is difficult,” said Dr. Mary Grace Rizzo-Fryzel of Electric City Dentistry. “For us to have a conversation over the phone, the only thing we’re able to do is prescribe an antibiotic or pain medicine.”

For about a week, Harrisburg reduced patient/dentist interaction entirely to the phone by, among other rules, requiring negative pressure isolation rooms — a room engineered to control infection — which virtually no dentist’s office has.

On Friday, following outcry from the Pennsylvania

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Rabbit virus improves bone marrow transplants

Rabbit virus improves bone marrow transplants

University of Florida Health researchers have discovered that a rabbit virus can deliver a one-two punch, killing some kinds of cancer cells while eliminating a common and dangerous complication of bone marrow transplants. For patients with blood cancers such as leukemia and multiple myeloma, a bone marrow transplant can be both curative and perilous………Go to Health news blog (Added on 6/05/2015 2:18:18 PM)

Measuring treatment response for guiding leukemia treatment

Measuring treatment response for guiding leukemia treatment

Measuring the concentration of leukemia cells in patient bone marrow during the first 46 days of chemotherapy should help boost survival of young leukemia patients by better matching patients with the right intensity of chemotherapy. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital investigators led the research, which appears in the March 20 edition of the journal……..Go to

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Integrative medicine – US News

As the American healthcare system grows progressively stressed and truly patient-centered care becomes increasingly difficult to find, more people than ever before are looking for alternatives to the conventional healthcare model.

Integrative medicine, which focuses on caring for the whole human being—body, mind, spirit, and community, not just flesh, bones, and organs—is steadily becoming a desirable and logical option for many people.

This discussion will explain how integrative medicine combines complementary therapies with conventional treatments and will discuss why and how you might choose a health provider who follows this approach.

  1. What is integrative medicine?
  2. What complementary or alternative therapies fall under the integrative medicine umbrella?
  3. Why might I consider integrative medicine?
  4. How do I choose an integrative medicine practitioner?
  5. Does insurance cover integrative medicine?
  6. Links
  7. What is integrative medicine?

    Integrative medicine is the practice of medicine that focuses on the whole person and makes use of all appropriate therapeutic

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    Coronavirus UK: Prince Charles tests positive, Camilla is clear

    The Prince of Wales, 71, tested positive yesterday and is in self-isolation on the Balmoral estate in Scotland with his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, who is without any symptoms of the virus, which has killed 424 and infected 8,000 more in the UK so far. Charles is said to have ‘mild symptoms’ that started over the weekend and has fallen ill after meeting coronavirus-stricken Prince Albert of Monaco, who tested positive five days ago after he sat opposite the Prince of Wales at a WaterAid event in London on March 10. A Clarence House spokesman said: ‘The Prince of Wales has tested positive for Coronavirus. He has been displaying mild symptoms but otherwise remains in good health and has been working from home throughout the last few days as usual’. The Prince of Wales was last at Buckingham Palace on March 12 for investitures, where he ‘briefly’ saw

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    Coronavirus lockdown rules stop teenagers mourning dead friend at her funeral


    Holly’s family asked her friends to wear pink for her, in lieu of being able to attend the funeral

    Family fear for mum’s life after chest cancer operation axed due to coronavirus


    EXCLUSIVE: Diane Paterson, 54, has had her thymoma cancer surgery cancelled despite the tumour continuing to grow and her family worries their case suggests the NHS is hitting tipping point

    Inside new coronavirus makeshift hospital ‘NHS Nightingale’ built by defence force


    Army engineers have been working with NHS staff to help turn East London’s ExCel centre into an emergency hospital

    Volunteers send food to exhausted NHS staff caring for coronavirus patients


    A group from London have set up a charity which provides much-needed provisions to staff working long hours as the UK’s battle with coronavirus continues

    Boots opens drive-thru

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    Top Health News — ScienceDaily

    Modelling Study Estimates Impact of Physical Distancing Measures on Progression of COVID-19 Epidemic in Wuhan

    A new study suggests extending school and workplace closures in Wuhan until April, rather than March, would likely delay a second wave of cases until later in the year, relieving pressure on health … read more

    Ultrafast Repeated Staining and Destaining of Cell Samples for Tumor Diagnostics

    In the treatment of tumors, microenvironment plays an important role. It often contains immune cells that are so changed that they promote tumor growth. Scientists have introduced a method by which … read more

    Study Shows How Diligent We Have to Be to Keep Surfaces Germ-Free

    A recent study suggests that even organized efforts to clean surfaces can fall short, a reminder for us all that keeping our surroundings clean may require some additional … read
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    Dentist Salary | US News Best Jobs

    How Much Does a Dentist Make?

    Dentists made a median salary of $151,850 in 2018. The best-paid 25 percent made $208,000 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $107,440.

    Salary Outlook

    What Is the Outlook for Dentists?

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 7.6% employment growth for dentists between 2018 and 2028. In that period, an estimated 10,400 jobs should open up.

    Find a Job

    Best-Paying Cities for Dentists

    The metropolitan areas that pay the highest salary in the dentist profession are Amarillo, Longview, Fond du Lac, Reno, and Sebring.

    The 5 Best-Paying Cities for Dentists

    Best-Paying States for Dentists

    The states and districts that pay Dentists the highest mean salary are Delaware ($264,440), Alaska ($259,350), Rhode Island ($254,190), Minnesota ($227,280), and New Hampshire ($226,300).

    How Much Do Dentists Make in Your City?

    See current salary offers for jobs in your field.

    What Is the Dentist Salary by Place

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    Health & Medicine News — ScienceDaily

    Coronavirus Testing Kits to Be Developed Using RNA Imaging Technology

    Researchers will use a pioneering imaging technology — called Mango, for its bright color — to develop coronavirus testing … read more

    Parental Diet Affects Sperm and Health of Future Offspring

    When parents eat low-protein or high-fat diets it can lead to metabolic disorders in their adult offspring. Now, an international team has identified a key player and the molecular events underlying … read more

    Understanding How COVID-19 Affects Children Vital to Slowing Pandemic, Doctors Say

    Though COVID-19 so far appears to be largely sparing children, researchers are cautioning that it is critical to understand how the virus affects kids to model the pandemic accurately, limit the … read more

    Public Health Leadership Paramount to Emerging Coronavirus Pandemic

    In the 1960s, public health officials
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