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Health – Scientific American


9 hours ago — Ewen Callaway and Nature magazine

Behavior & Society

10 hours ago — Michael D. Lemonick | Opinion

Public Health

10 hours ago — Jane Qiu and Nature magazine


11 hours ago — Nevan Krogan and The Conversation US

Public Health

11 hours ago — Anna Goshua | Opinion


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Medicine – Scientific American

The doctor’s firsthand experience with epidemics gives him a unique view of our current health crisis

3 hours ago — Jeffery DelViscio and Karen M. Sughrue

A new computer model analyzes when to admit people to intensive care units—and when to move them out—which could help doctors handle the coronavirus surge

4 hours ago — Jim Daley

Researchers and doctors must dig deeper into gender differences before they can provide women with better treatments

March 16, 2020 — Marcia L. Stefanick

A molecular biologist explains how the kits function, and why the U.S. has faced problems

March 12, 2020 — Maureen Ferran and The Conversation US

In a big break from protocol, scientists are not waiting to see how well it works in animals first

March 12, 2020 — Eric Boodman and STAT

From online journal clubs to ‘tweetorials’ to conference updates, social media is changing the dissemination and discussion

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