A Dentist Sees More Cracked Teeth. What’s Going On?

So what can we do?

You’d be surprised how many people are unaware that they’re clenching and grinding. Even patients who come into the office complaining of pain and sensitivity are often incredulous when I point it out. “Oh, no. I don’t grind my teeth,” is a refrain I hear over and over again, despite the fact that I’m often watching them do it.

Awareness is key. Are your teeth currently touching? Even as you read this article? If so, that’s a sure sign that you’re doing some damage — your teeth shouldn’t actually touch throughout the day at all unless you’re actively eating and chewing your food. Instead, your jaw should be relaxed, with a bit of space between the teeth when the lips are closed. Be mindful, and try to stop yourself from grinding when you catch yourself doing it.

If you have a night guard or retainer,

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CNY fitness store sees 625 percent spike in big-ticket sales: ‘We’re pretty close to wiped out’

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — While many businesses are simply trying to survive the Coronavirus pandemic, one Syracuse store could face a different headache: running out of stock.

The Syracuse Fitness Store, 2922 Erie Boulevard East, has been an unexpected bright spot along a retail stretch full of empty restaurant parking lots and closed storefronts.

“I can’t complain. It’s been very, very busy,” said owner Andy Venditti. “Our only concern is having inventory, getting it quick enough.”

The run on exercise equipment, from treadmills to free weights, began about a week ago as fitness buffs became wary of going to gyms over the novel Coronavirus. People who had been on the fence for a year about buying their own equipment suddenly wanted it the next day.

“It’s been easy sells,” Venditti said, then acknowledged: “There’s no selling. It’s just buying.”

Exterior of Syracuse Fitness Store

The parking lot of Syracuse Fitness Store was nearly full on Tuesday

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