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Skeptical Medicine

 Critical Thinking in Medicine

Most people who choose the health care profession seem to naturally possess empathy,

compassion and altruism. These qualities make us want to deliver quality health care. We share a common goal. Providing health care requires decisions and practices that are valuable to patients. We use information to guide these practices.

Although helping patients toward optimal health is our common goal, we don’t always choose our sources of information in a common way. Without a reliable approach to evaluating the sources of medical information and claims, we cannot be certain that we are making the best choices. We owe it to our patients to use the best information available when making decisions about their lives.

Traditionally, we are trained in the clinical art of medicine. The ‘art’ involves connecting with our patients, communicating effectively, being empathetic and compassionate. The art of medicine involves being thorough, yet concise.

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