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Holistic Dentist | Dr. Vinograd

holistic practicesI’m pleased and proud to be an experienced and respected holistic dentist with a three-decade record of advocating the healthy life for all my patients and friends. The natural order has inspired me to develop the following lifestyle guidance principles that I follow and recommend to my patients:

  • Choosing the least processed and least ‘messed-with’ foods available each time I shop. I also incorporate homemade vegetable juices, cultured foods like kambucha and kefir, pickled food and high-quality protein into my diet.

  • Taking an active role in my health by staying informed and questioning every medical or dental procedure recommended to me by my health care professionals.

  • Choosing the most biocompatible dental materials when possible, meaning those that are non-toxic and with as little metal as possible.

  • Using ozone-infused water in my home dental care program as a way to help maintain good oral health.

  • Spreading
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