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William J. Morrison (1860-1926): co-inventor of the cotton candy machine. – PubMed

William James Morrison (1860-1926), from Nashville, Tennessee was a noted dentist, lawyer, author and leader in civic and political affairs. An 1890 graduate of the University of Tennessee Dental College, Dr. Morrison became President of the Tennessee State Dental Association in 1894. He had a wide interest in both science and politics, and was personally associated with both William Jennings Bryan and President Woodrow Wilson. Additionally, he was a popular author of children’s books and particularly effective in fostering reading among youngsters. Also, Dr. Morrison patented several important inventions. He developed a process for extracting oils from cotton seed, and converting them into a lard substitute. Likewise, he devised a chemical process to purify the public drinking water for Nashville. In 1897, he and John C. Wharton (a fellow Nashville candy maker) conceived and co-patented an “electric candy machine” which produced cotton candy (then called “Fairy Floss”.) This article provides

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