WWII Navy Dentist

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart

U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco

Thursday 15 March 1945, 6:45 PM

Dearest Eleanor,
     Hello darling here I am once more. Began today as usual with work but I knocked off about 10:30 because I’m having a new style surgical basin (sink) installed in my office. I’m there now. From the progress they’ve made, there won’t be much dentistry done on the Ocelot tomorrow either.
     I got another shot in the arm today and it feels quite sore at present. By tomorrow night I hope to be rid of all its effects.
     So, I had time to read my five letters before lunch today. There was one from Linda, one from Ethyl and three from my favorite wife. This afternoon I just loafed and took it easy. Read a little, talked a little but accomplished nothing.
     Now to your letters. I don’t want our ship to go back for repairs. Ships that need such extensive repairs as to go back to the states must have seen some heavy action and many of the crew probably were casualties. I’ll get back in due time and safe and sound. Who wants to be a hero? Not me!
     You ask what else can you send me? Well nothing at present. At dinner tonight we were talking about pickles and kosher dills were brought up. It was suggested that “dills” packed in waxed paper containers with additional wax sealing the cover would come on safe and sound. They tell me even whiskey has been sent out that way. How about getting a couple of quart cylinder containers and sending some on (no, not whisky, pickles).
     When I get my promotion I’ll arrange to have your allotment increased and have the checks sent to the Santa Monica Bank. Then you can close out the San Diego account and have it all in one bank. You should have plenty of reserve so that there won’t be any charge for writing checks even minus an additional $1,000. You can buy those bonds in $500 ones if you like. I still say buy some more.
     I wrote Dr. Ivie the other day. As a matter of fact I’m all caught up now and owe no one any letters.
     About the Sadie A. incident. All I can say is that women are cats and very petty ones indeed. Further no one will stick her neck out if she can avoid it. I’d forget the incident and tell the whole kit and caboodle to do their own dirty work from now on.
     I know my daily letters mean much to you because I know how much they mean to me. We have been lucky too that there hasn’t been much of a break in frequency of mail so far. However darling please realize that this can’t go on forever and sooner or later there may be a break of days or maybe weeks without mail. Please don’t worry though because I’ll always be safe and then one day you’ll get a great big stack all at once.
     By the first of April I’ll have over $450 due me on the books. I’m going to send you $100 then and I want you to buy Linda a bond and use the $25 balance to get her something more tangible.
     Well darling I’m all worked up for tonight. The movie is an oldie “Intermezzo” with Leslie Howard. Goodnight my Sweet I’ll see you in my dreams,

P.S. The ban is off on discussing Hawaii. Ask any questions you like now and if I can remember the facts I’ll answer them fully.


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