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[email protected] ISO Burner setup

The 'Settings' menu offers you the possibility to configure the erase method for rewritable discs and also choose some burn (e.g. use test mode, perform buffer under protection etc.) and after-burn options (e.g. verify data, eject media, shut down PC).

Performance and conclusion

The amount of resources required is quite high when the burning process is under way, yet this is quite normal for this type of product. All tasks are completed in a timely fashion, without freezing or hanging. To sum up, [email protected] ISO Burner Serial Key proves to enclose an efficient method of burning ISO images on the fly, without wasting too much time with unnecessary or too complex configurations.

[email protected] ISO Burner pre-Activated

There are multiple burning modes available, namely “Track-At-One,” “Session-At-Once,” “Disc-At-Once PQ” and “Disc-At-Once raw P-W”, yet also some dedicated options to choose the burning speed and the number of copies to be made.

View disc information and configure a few settings

When all the configurations are complete, all you have to do is hit the big 'Burn' button and the process of copying ISO images onto the loaded disc will begin. Some information regarding the inserted CD, DVD or BD are detected and displayed in the main window, such as drive letter, free space, write and read speeds, and if it writable or erasable.

Active ISO Burner’s installer can also update your PC with any burning transport it lacks. With our permission, it installed the SPTD transport protocol on our system. With a dialog-style interface, drop-down menus, and basic but clear data display, Active ISO Burner is extremely easy to use. We browsed to an ISO image we’d saved in the Source field. There was no need to choose a Target: our DVD burner was the only device on the list. We left the default Mode selection, Track-At-Once, and the default Speed, Auto-Select, though each control offers more options.


  • Too basic, but it;s free
  • Simple and easy to use
  • ?_? <—-that sais it all
  • this is whats right with software these days, its not massive and slow its light and fast and gets the job done even on my 2ghz machine it took seconds to install and works very well
  • Easy and fast to use and learn
  • Really clean interface, Easy to use, Well made app.
  • This may be useful for small files but trying it out for the first time on a 4GB Windows 7 beta file proved to much for it to handle. Errs out one-third of the way into the program – ruins a DVD.
  • It “did” ask (not that I ended up agreeing) to install a toolbar and a changed home page, and if I remember right, also to make the default search engine.
Active@ ISO Burner free full download

Usually burning ISO images is a process which can be performed using the same software that created the compilations, yet sometimes that program may not be available, especially if the data image files are moved to another PC. A solution to this problem is one of the simplest disc writing apps, namely [email protected] ISO Burner 4.0 full version .

Simple setup and straightforward GUI

The installation process you are required to go through runs quite seamlessly, without offering to download other third-party products or requiring you to configure settings.

System Requirement:

  • Homepage:
  • Author LSoft Technologies Inc
  • Last version

What’s new in last version:

New: Installer package Improved: multiple burners handling
Fixed: burning cancellation hang ups and minor bugs
New: Updated burning engine;
Fixed: Few cosmetic defects
Many more CD/DVD/BD devices supported, as well as fewer burning errors
Three independent burning transports are supported (SPTI,ASPI,SPTD)
Works under User’s account (via SPTI on Vista, and SPTD transports)
Extended device, media, and ISO file information is displayed
Burning mode (TAO,SAO,DAO) and number of copies to burn can automatically be specified
Full text log with actions performed, errors and progress information is displayed
Configuration of after-burn actions supported: Verify, Eject, Shut Down PC
Test Mode burning is supported

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  1. It’s stated right on the ad page that this program burns to flash drives, well guess what, it doesn’t burn to flash drives, thanx for wasting my time.

  2. The version 10 update made some bad changes to my computer. I am no longer able to click on certain buttons in facebook games so I can’t play the game. In summary, version 10 disabled the ability to click buttons in facebook games.

  3. I personally don’t like adobe their updates are lazy. Their security is not good and their flash player sucks. There has to be updates to their flash player all the time cause of security reasons same goes for other adobe products that i don’t like.

  4. Backups over the network are unbelievably slow. I’ve seen people in forums describing 500 GB backups taking a little over an hour but my 2 TB backup takes like 3 days. Not sure why such a large increase in time from what everyone else is seeing.

  5. I have just downloaded Jagannath Hora, but it is displaying North Indian diamond chart, but without planets. Would you please help me to figure it out.

  6. Very disappointed when i play the disc in my DVD player and it freezes at every chapter

  7. The only cons are that the file size is 4.01MB. You also need a program like WinZip to open this program, because it comes zipped.

  8. it some times takes a little bit to come up and start scanning, but when it does it is fast and accurate

  9. Fails to start with Windows and/or loses the tray icon while still running. Loss of tray icon seems to happen [at least] when a context menu-initiated scan has been done on a single folder.

  10. A little cumbersome in learning to use it. A lot of back-and-forth between the ledger and categories until I learned how to quickly navigate. Can only have one account at a time at the Free level, so you can’t coordinate checking with savings.

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