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For some locations such as the Dropbox account you need to authorize the application by requesting a token. The program helps you by automatically opening the webpage in the default browser. The user can customize each job by editing a set of parameters in order to specify the files that need to be synchronized. You can also specify how the program handles the errors and files that are deleted during the synchronization.

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The tool allows two types of synchronization. In one-way mode, the data flow in one direction, from the source to the target location. This is ideal to keep updated backups of important files. Likewise, a two-way synchronization takes places in both directions so that when the process is concluded, there will be two exact copies on both sides. The program uses algorithms that do not rely on system clock accuracy to prevent such accidents as involuntary data deletion or overwriting. Moreover, it keeps a log of all modifications and deletions. Since moving sensitive data over a public network is always a concern, it is great that the software can secure the data being transferred with strong encryption algorithms (AES-256). Lastly, you can schedule synchronization jobs to happen automatically without your intervention.

Allway Sync full version free compares files in specified folders and copies the modified file to the counterpart folder, it synchronizes folders. Allway Sync 20.2.1 full version with crack uses a true bi-directional synchronization algorithm that does not depend on system clock accuracy, and also propagates file deletions correctly. Allway Sync 20.2 codes is a powerful application designed to help you synchronize the files from multiple folders. If you use multiple computers and want to share the same files in the personal folders, this tool can help you.


  • Job scheduling
  • Crammed interface
  • Supports various types of locations
  • Protection against accidents
  • Difficult to use at first
  • Two transfer modes
  • Like. May upgrade to pro.
  • If it worked it would be an awesome product. But I have found it to be very unreliable and with no support. Also I had it syncing files with my web site at yahoo and they switched to requiring FTPS(Not SFTP) and the product does not support it. If you are looking for an automated synchronization software, I can not at this time recommend it.
  • Frequent crashes due to poor memory management – The software cannot handle a modern windows environment. There are too many files to analyze.
  • It does what it saya
  • Not found yet
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Advanced synchronizer: During setup, you can opt to install a Windows service that synchronizes data automatically at the system level without requiring you to log in. Multiple platforms: As its name suggests, Allway Sync 20.2.1 serial code updates data on many different devices, like PCs, laptops, remote servers, USB drives, and other online storage solutions; encrypted data, too. Mobile apps are available, too. Jobs: You can create and even clone Jobs for frequent or large sync batches. Easy-to-use interface: While Allway Sync full version crack‘s user interface isn’t exactly attractive, it’s easy to figure out.


Freemium: Allway Sync 20.2.1 full version serial keys is free for “moderate personal use,” which means up to 40,000 files in 30 days. Heavy users and businesses are advised to upgrade to Allway Sync 20.2.1 Full Version license code Pro. Time conflicts: According to the documentation, Allway Sync Full Version key can have issues synching files when one or more PCs in the loop has a system clock error, which is all too common in Windows PCs.

Bottom Line

Allway Sync Full Version Registered has some nice features, and most private users won’t notice the free version’s limitations. It’s well worth trying Allway Sync 20.2 Full Version Activation Code head-to-head against other free-with-limits sync services, like Dropbox. Download Allway Sync 20.2 portable – Bidirectional synchronization utility that can take care of copying files, so that you don’t have to do this manually every time

System Requirement:

  • 500 MHz (or faster) processor
  • At least 64 MB RAM
  • At least 15 MB disk space
  • Screen resolution of at least 1024×768 with at least 65535 colors
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 (or later)
  • Windows All
  • Homepage:
  • Author Botkind, Inc.
  • Last version 20.2.1

What’s new in last version:

Fixed SFTP engine;
Updated OpenSSL lib;
Updated installers;
Updated language files;
Fixed minor bugs.
Renewed log panel;
Updated OAuth authorization flow;
Some bug fixes.
Fixes and improvements in the user interface;
New error handling system;
Online support pages for the common errors;
Updated language files
– Updated SSL library;
– Bug fixes and other minor improvements;
– Updated language files.
Fixed issue with repeated activation;
Fixed some minor bugs;
Updated language files.
Added Group Actions for Synchronization Items;

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  1. Useful! Easy to use and serve the purpose. Free version is very good for personal use. Thanks Allway Sync who make personal sync / backup life easier!

  2. If the program is effected by malware or is a hidden botnet it will lock up your programs in windows 7. Sent large number of bug reports to Mozilla Firefox . Also listed on my Windows 7 bug reports . It could just be a software design problem.

  3. Although our website looks nice, it is not up on the web. Our 200 page website has been down for the most of the last seven days and much of the last month! They have no tech support available by phone… just one line auto responses.

  4. Completely stinks. Never got it to capture a single thing. I use a Mac keyboard with my PC and this program promises to solve the “no PrtScr key” but it does not! Terrible Terrible Terrible!!!

  5. I got no response from two requests for technical assistance. When I try to run a backup, I just get a message that says ‘the product has stopped working’.

  6. Massive fail. Could not even remove Hijack browser apps from Spigot or Conduit. These are very low strength apps. Don’t recommend. At all.

  7. I tried the free download and exercised comparing it to several other programs. I am Technical Support Analyst so decently experienced. Used their files and saw it connect but since the accounts were bogus, stocks were not real, it seemed the connectivity was not a problem. We use a Hughesnet Satellite connection and have successfully used Money for years, even AFTER it was no longer supported. We purchased the full licensed version of ACEMONEY and IT NEVER worked. I contacted support multiple times, got ridiculous answers (stupid user answers) and they refuse to refund. They have NO ONE you can talk to and very poor service policies.

  8. Full support at the developers website, no questions go unanswered. Love the support. Can’t think of any dislikes.

  9. Utterly useless and dumbed down UI. It’s been stripped of its powerful backup, scheduling and imaging configuration capabilities. ATIH2K11 is dumbed down to cater to the masses now rather than to those more technically adept.

  10. Where to begin! Tech support is off-shore in India and is ONLY there. There is no escalation, no additional help and if you call, expect to be on the phone for 2-3 hours EACH TIME. The software is really buggy and will often stop responding. It also will hang your server if you try to reboot it, making maintenance of my servers even harder. You cannot use the VMWare backup if you use anything other than standard VMWare stuff – I am using HP VSAN and I have to back up each server individually – if I wanted to do that, I would have stuck with BackupExec. You cannot create a simultaneous multi-location backup, even though they say you can. I have two places I want to back stuff up – to a DAS on my backup server and a portable hard drive for off-site DR. If I want this, I have to create two completely separate backups and hit my network twice to get it done, even though I was led to believe otherwise that it allowed for multi-location backups. It just means you can span your backup. Sigh.

  11. Not many except for a few rough edges.

    Game engine and Video Sequencer needs more attention.
    Doesn’t have a good quality audio editor(It is expected since it has a good quality video editor)
    Crash save feature.
    Even more features from physics would be awesome. As of now, I cant get liquid and smoke interact with each other. Or even wind and rigid body interaction. All these are problems of a pro user who can by-pass them with simple tricks. Its difficult for first timers.

  12. I find that the requirement to double process the disk files is a rather large waist of time especial when you have the necessart memory to store the entire disk in active memory.

  13. An old program and not easy to learn. Had to play around trying different buttons to get it to do what I wanted. Should have tried Help!!

  14. Poorly designed; Actual functionally suspect (wouldn’t fix any files I’ve tried!)

  15. You need to uninstall it and reinstall it completely. On a mac, remove the file at /Library/LaunchDaemons/gramblr.plist and the application, then restart the computer, and install again. On Windows, use add / remove programs.

  16. It’s Bloated: Each year more useless rubbish is added just to keep the Marketing Department happy.

    It’s Slow: It brings my 6 month old Intel i5 laptop with 8GB RAM to a crawl. You should not need to use the very latest top-end hardware just to be able to back up your files.

    It’s Invasive. It hooks into the operating system in all sorts of unnecessary ways. It removes standard Windows features and gives you no control over the level of shell integration.

    It’s badly programmed. It uses all sorts of legacy proprietary filters when it could instead use standard Windows ones (which would be much safer). Developers flatly refuse to address this issue.

    It’s Dangerous. This program FREQUENTLY stops working for no reason, and it can trash your system if you try to uninstall it (gets stuck in infinite loops or constant Blue Screen crashes).

    Unhelpful Staff. If you dare to complain about any of these issues, your comments will be deleted from the Acronis forum (and you may get banned too).

  17. I removed the previous expired copy from my computer. The new addition picks up the old information and tells me my membership has expired. When I look for updates it will not work. I have written to Ashampoo for help but have received no reply. Backup is very poor. If I do not geta reply today. I shall wipe all of Ashampoo off my computer and take up the Norton offer.

  18. Did not install. said it was corrupted or incomplete. So I didn’t get a chance to try it.

  19. Not only can’t be uninstalled, can’t select which interface card to lease IP addresses as well, resulting in certain network segment having more than 1 DHCP servers.

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