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Ad-supported application

Installing the tool does not take a long time. However, since it is ad-supported, AnalogX AutoTune codes offers to download and install third-party components that it does not really need to work properly. With a little attention, they can be excluded from setup, though.

Classical interface with clear-cut options

The GUI is simple, made of a regular window with an organized layout, where audio files can be added for processing using the drag-and-drop method. They are automatically tuned when dropped to the frame, so the configuration must be made beforehand.

AnalogX AutoTune Full Version Activation Key

Simple app that automatically tunes music files to bring them to the same frequency, enabling users to modify the sample rate, depth and channels too AutoTune is a Windows application that simplifies the user's job when it comes to tuning audio samples. It immediately brings them to the same frequency by following a simple set of user-defined rules and does not require heavy experience with audio processing software to work with.

AutoTune is an application you can use to tune sounds to the same frequency Download AnalogX AutoTune 2.31 pin – Simple app that automatically tunes music files to bring them to the same frequency, enabling users to modify the sample rate, depth and channels too Sometimes, trying to find the root note of a sound sample, by ear, means a lot of wasted time. AnalogX AutoTune 2.31 serials is a small application that you can use to auto-tune all the samples to the same note. It analyzes the provided sound sample in the frequency space in order to find the dominant note and then tunes that sample to the same frequency. The interface of the program is extremely simple. The program has only one window to work with. Type the root note on the “Note” box and then simply drag and drop your sound files on the main window. It automatically adjusts the sound pitch off the file.


  • Free
  • Analyzing process of large files takes a lot of time
AnalogX AutoTune activator

AnalogX AutoTune Registration Code offers you the possibility to resample the provided sound so that it will match the original sample rate. You are also able to choose other sample rate. This application is designed to efficiently work with chords, but it isn’t able to handle drums, breakbeats, noises or voice samples. Another feature of AutoTune is its ability to “normalize” all the sound samples provided. It increases the sound amplitude to the maximum level. This way you are able to use all your samples at the same relative level. AnalogX AutoTune crack can be very useful for those who are familiar with the music creation process.

System Requirement:

How to use this program. I have absolutely no idea about it!

The application allows you to correct various notes and strings and stream from a file. If you have a recording you can use this application to analyze the file and correct various sections. The process is automatic.

How can Iuse this program with Ventrilo?

You can’t use it with Ventrilo because this application uses files to analyze and process them. You can’t process a live streaming.

What’s new in last version:

Rebuilt and fixed Vista issues
Substancial cosmetic improvements to interface

AnalogX AutoTune 2.31 key, AnalogX AutoTune 2.30 patch

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  1. I had this and ran it and it said I had no infections. I knew I did because I kept getting 3 pop up ads everytime I went to aol, yahoo, or msn home pages. I downloaded Malwarebytes and it found 27 infections in one scan and got rid of them. Also I used Panda AV and it found them, when Ad-Ware AV did not. I’d stick with Malwarebytes and Panda AV, they are the best in my opinion.

  2. Easily DELETES .VHD files it has no business messing with. Seems to have difficulty maintiaining connection with USB 3 drive, necessitating manual re-connect.

  3. Some report issues with getting drives to recognize, but I haven’t had this problem.
    CDs that are in bad shape can take a long time to rip.

  4. It crashes after a while, especially if viewing the pdf in a web browser. I’ve been saving the doc first then working on it from the drive.

  5. It is a shame it won’t download updates automatically in the “free” version.

  6. You must pay $20 to get them! It says free on cnet. Nothing about purchasing! It shows you your pictures but you cannot have them unless you pay…

  7. The information provided was inaccurate for current and forcasting (conflicting 2 other National sites). Problems also encountered in referencing the source of the information.

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