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ApexDC++ 1.6.5 Full Version Registered


There’s no way of choosing your favorite DC client than experimenting with each one of them. In our tests, this one proves to run quite smoothly without burdening the computer's performance and without popping up errors, hanging or freezing. Overall, we can safely say ApexDC++ 1.6.5 full version with crack and keygen is a strong competitor in its product category, the good transfer speed being the feature that truly recommends it.

ApexDC++ Full Version Activator

ApexDC.net is the home of an innovative P2P program using the Direct Connect and ADC networks. ApexDC.net is the home of an innovative P2P program using the Direct Connect and ADC networks. ApexDC++ 1.6.5 registration keys is free to download and provides the ability to achieve truly fast downloads. ApexDC++ 1.6.5 reg keys is, and always will be, free from all forms of malware. The project is managed and developed by veterans of the P2P world and as such we feel we are in touch with the opinions, wishes and requirements of our users.

Straightforward installation and familiar GUI

While the installation process is not time consuming, during deployment, the app offers you the possibility to install some additional components which are either fun (emoticons) or functional (GeoIP Database). Selecting these options is recommendable if you want to test the software to its fullest. It’s interface does not make an impression on users that are accustomed to DC clients. The GUI is typical for this particular type of software, but nonetheless, there is some comfort in working with a familiar environment.

Encrypt items and use a segment download feature

A lot of users have switched from other software to this utility for various reasons – speed and overall performance, the vast and helpful community, constant updates, and many others.


  • Fully customizable
  • Not so easy to use, requires some knowledge
  • Nice and intuitive user interface
  • Multiple improvements
ApexDC++ Full Version portable

One of its most appreciated features is the segment downloading, which allows users to download a file from multiple users simultaneously, while also preserving the integrity of the download package. It also provides a high level of security via the encryption feature that secures the transferred data.

Limit speed and take advantage of the available plugins

It is also possible to take advantage of an upload/download speed limiter that can be used to preserve some speed for web browsing sessions too. In addition to that, its appearance is fully customizable. You can choose your own colors and fonts for basically everything. Last but not least, there are all sorts of plugins at your disposal – media players, spam filters in private messages, and various LUA modules.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

Fix: Potential remote crash when receiving UDP data (DC++)
Fix: MiniUPnPc multicast TTL argument (DC++)
Added: Ability to reset public hublist addresses from settings (DC++)
Removed: Option to use Coral CDN, which became defunct (DC++)
Change: Default hublist addresses updated
Change: OpenSSL upgrade to version 1.1.1a
Change: Updated to minupnpc 1.2
Change: Updated to a more recent version of WTL and boost libraries
Change: Updated compiler to MSVC 2017 (including redistributable)
Change: Other minor miscelaneous changes
Fix: Connectivity issues related to new versions of zlib (DC++)
Change: Updated zlib to version 1.2.11
Change: OpenSSL upgrade to 1.0.2k
Fix: Build configuration of older operating systems
Change: Updated port forwarding related 3rd party dependencies
Change: Updated zlib to version 1.2.10 (security patches)
Change: OpenSSL upgrade to 1.0.2j
Change: Updated compiler to MSVC 2015 Update 3 (including redistributable)

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13 thoughts on “ApexDC++ 1.6.5 Full Version Registered

  1. However, the performance of the program wasn’t that good. Video conversion was slower than expected, and it was pretty off sync. The quality is reasonable, but I have a feeling it could be better.

  2. Slowed down my PC to a crawl everytime at its startup launch. Rendering the purpose of this program… pointless!
    Should have been made better, even looks are dated for such a powerful & vital piece of software.

  3. Tried to download and it crashed my laptop. I have Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, and never crashed before. >:(

  4. Maybe a gray background when you open it up is a bit boring. They should have a cool background instead of just gray.

  5. No support. It claims to give you a life time lisc, but after a few years, the original key won’t work and they just totally ignore your request for a new key.

  6. *Bothers you about a full version when conversion is finished. As far as I can tell, there is no handicap on the freeware version

  7. -Does not allow you to batch convert multiple videos to different output formats at the same time and before you ask why anyone would ever need to do that videos of different resolutions and frame-rates would need to be converted @ different bit-rates in order for an optimal quality to files size ratio to be maintained.
    -Automatically puts the output codec in the file name by default although this can be disabled in the preferences menu I think it should be off by default because I believe the need for this is highly esoteric and it is an annoyance otherwise.

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