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Autorun Eater 2.6 pre-Activated Free Download

Autorun Eater 2.6 full version crack was born due to the increase of malwares using the ‘autorun.inf’ method to infect users unknowingly be it from flash drives, external hard disks or any other removable storage device. When a device is infected with a malware and an ‘autorun.inf’ file is dropped, the shell menu is normally modified to execute the malware whenever the unsuspecting user accesses the infected drive.

Autorun Eater full version patch

Multiple cleaning tools included

Autorun Eater registration keys collaborates with Microsoft Security Essentials to perform quick scans of your system. This option is disabled at first, but it can be enabled from the tray panel. There are two available options for this feature: the scan ends with a report (MSE / Report Only) or with an effective removal of the suspicious files (MSE / Auto Clean). Also worth mentioning are the three registry utilities bundled in Autorun Eater portable. These fix common changes performed by malicious Autorun files to the system registry.

Autorun.inf files are associated with the Autoplay function of any removable drive / CD / DVD and they are natively used by Windows to facilitate the automatic launch of a program that’s located on that particular drive. Being such a commonly used file, it becomes an easy target for malware and as a result, a wide range of viruses are spread via Autorun.inf.

Keep Autorun files safe

Most antivirus solutions detect suspicious Autorun.inf files and they remove the malware, but not the Autorun file itself. To be on the safe side, you need a quick solution that deals exclusively with Autorun files. One of the most reliable companions of this sort is Autorun Eater 2.6 Free Crack , a small utility that scans and removes suspicious Autorun files.


  • None
  • Very easy to use
Autorun Eater crack

Autorun Eater 2.6 full version crack will warn you and remove any suspicious ‘autorun.inf’ files(based on user decision/settings) so that the malware is not executed while accessing the infected drive. There are also certain cases whereby the malware has been removed by an antivirus but the ‘autorun.inf’ file remains. This will cause the drive to be inaccessible through the conventional method(double-click). Autorun Eater Full Version portable will also remove it if necessary so that you can access the drive as usual.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

Added: ‘Malware Scan’ option to scan the infected storage device using Microsoft Security Essentials’ command line scanner (only works with version 2.1.1116.0 and above) after removing the suspicious ‘autorun.inf’ file.
Added: ‘MSE Scan Log’ option to view the Microsoft Security Essentials scan log.
Removed: ‘Priority’ option in the tray menu.
Removed: Removed some redundant code to improve startup time and performance.
Changed: Tweaks to program behaviour.
Added: ‘Remove Ignore For All’ option to stop ignoring all previously ignored suspicious ‘autorun.inf’ files.
Added: ‘Undo Ignored Drive’ option to stop ignoring a previously ignored drive.
Added: Option to enable or disable the splash image.

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  1. Slightly difficult to control zooming, 3D perspective viewing, and placing the furniture isn’t always the easiest.

  2. Hidden adware that screws up Auslogics boostspeed….(caught be Avast bootscah) what’s the point of speeding up your computer, when their own product slow your computer down by adware.

  3. DLL SUITE is the worst soft ever, and worst service ever! Wanted my money (ref: money back guarantee) and never got my money back…dll suite removes many shared dll files from computer ..esp. dll`s from Microsoft office, power point , xls. etc. And your program wont work anymore! Also dll suite messed wit shared dos files under cmd, and some progrs won’t run anymore, also messed with start ups, etc. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS PROGRAM; IF YOU´LL WORK WITH YOUR COMP. GREETINGS FORM GERMANY.

  4. I got a 20% discount for buying this. It seems that there are many websites providing at a discounted price. Company’s official website also offers special promotion,

  5. You still need other programs like Ad-ware SE or Spybot-Search & Destroy. This program is for what the above cannot do……

  6. Not really a con, but a recommendation. Basic familiarity with DOS is helpful if you try the DOS version.

  7. Software is no longer functional, multiple emails now returned undeliverable. No phone support. Is anyone home?

  8. Does not have all that audacity offers but if you aren’t a pro looking for more effects and controls then this is the one to download.

  9. Absolutely crap technical service. Kept queuing movies but not unpacking or downloading. Attached itself to the ‘virus’ which is insidious and hard to shake. Updated to new 5.11 version and had nothing but trouble, emailed and was given a link to older version but no joy either. Response to my 2nd query was ‘you aren’t co-operating, we’re trying to help you’…nice. Have ceased my membership. Can’t download, can’t get an answer…why pay for no service?

  10. Repeatedly locked up my computer when I tried to print and then would shut down all browser windows.

  11. The only export that works is upload to youtube with no option to save to your own computer. Worse yet-They want your youtube username and password so they can upload it for you, but assure you that its confidential. They must be kidding.

  12. Malfunctioned. And now, it is offered for pay only. I was unable to download it for free – didn’t see a free download option

  13. I have put in over 100 hours on this project and now it won’t open !!! Says “file broken”. CAN THIS BE SAVED AND OPENED WITHOUT LOSING ALL OF MY WORK ????????? [email protected]

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