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BORGChat Full Version Full Crack

BORGChat 1.0 For Pc Free Download is a LAN instant messaging application for Windows. It allows users from the same local area network to connect with each other and chat or share files. When you open the application, you will see all the computers under the same subnet and those who have this application installed will show as contacts. You can chat with all the users at once or start a private chat with one of them. You can also initiate file transfers with any user who has BORGChat preactivated installed. Each user can set their status to “here”, “busy”, or “away”, which will influence the way in which the application warns them about new messages. There is also a message board, where users can create posts for others to see.

BORGChat Full Version Activation Code

Bottom line is that you are still looking for a fast way to talk to your network peers, BORGChat full version free might very well be the right tool to help you in this regard. It is quite easy to use and comes with a strong feature pack that make it earn its sopt on the list of recommendations. Chat with your friends, download files and share documents or pictures in real time using this simple and straightforward software solution

Basically, BORGChat Activation Code is a chat application designed specifically for large networks, but it can do a lot more. For example, it supports file transfers, private chat, group chat, message boards, online alerts and many other great things that nowadays are part of much more complex online instant messengers. Of course, BORGChat Full Version pre-Activated has tons of settings which allow users customize everything from the way the app looks to sounds, channels and online alerts. Even if it was created many years ago, it still works flawlessly, as we found out during our tests. As many would expected, the program is very friendly with computer resources and although initially there were reports from users who had problems due to some network conflicts, it remains one of the best tools to be used within large networks.


  • It works well
  • Nice interface
  • None
  • Lots of features
  • what can i say..its complete and totally free..what a combination
  • Most Everything
BORGChat license Key

BORGChat 1.0 reg keys is a LAN messaging software program. BORGChat Full Version key is a LAN instant messaging application for Windows BORGChat with keygen is the most complete LAN Chat application on the Internet. Here are some key features: Main chat, Private chats, Channels open and private, Message board, Private messages, User informations, Avatars, Send File with pause and bandwidth control, Send Picture from Clipboard, Beep, View computers and shares from your network, more than 200 animated smiles and the possibility to add your own.

System Requirement:

We are facing problems in 2 computers (PC1 & PC2). We are using Borgchat v1.0.0.438. Problem 1: When I start the computer(PC1) Borgchat language changes to some other languages & we are not able to revert the language back to English, therefore I have to reinstall the app every day. Problem 2: When I start the computer(PC2) (we are using nicknames) the nicknames of that user(PC2) interchanges automatically with the nickname of PC1 user.

For your first problem, BORGChat needs to be installed and launched as Administrator. This is primarily used for keeping the settings. Simply right-click the application’s icon and select Run as Administrator.
I believe that the problem 2 has the same issue regarding the Administrator. If it’s launched without necessary access rights, it uses the default nickname that is already on the first PC. Configure the program using Administrator access, then restart it and it should work properly.

When I receive a message, I do not have the “reply” option on the right side of the dialog box. Why not? Please assist.

This application hasn’t been updated in a long time. I’ve checked the official website and there were no news or release notes updated. The error you encountered might be caused by a bug in the application’s code.
Try downloading the latest version and then try again:
Secondly, use other chat applications since this one is very old:

What’s new in last version:

Fix : List index out of bounds when net tab is disabled
New : Keep only X lines in chat
Fix : Some memory leaks
fix for small bug from 434 (no messages was displayed when a user quits from borgchat
small language problems in systemtray menu
fix for Access violation

BORGChat patched, BORGChat license code, BORGChat free download

43 thoughts on “BORGChat Full Version Full Crack

  1. I couldn’t get the dialog window (when someone sends me a message) to display as a large window on the screen. Instead, I just get a change in the (tiny) icon at the bottom right. It’s insufficient to draw my attention to a new message. Is there a way of adjusting this?

  2. It does not export to PDFs that can be write-protected. PDFs would allow an even smaller file size compared to an HTML file. I hope to see this in a later release.

  3. I would like to be able to schedule updates at a specific time of day. It only allows shceduling an interval.

  4. Go watch reviews on Youtube – this is a very poor antivirus and will let in almost any threat in.

  5. This isn’t Sesame Street, my names not Oscar and Garbage is just ugly old stinky gargage Acronis.

  6. When would the world get rid of this software that needs constant update and is vulnerable to viruses…such an annoying thing

  7. Trial was only 14 days; would have preferred longer. Also, it takes about 3-4 seconds to load; not instant.

  8. The program pretend to erase permanently any files or internet trace using different level of security for ereasing. With maximum setting, I was able to recover single files with a very simple undelte program. After I inform the technical support, they simply ignore me.

  9. The email verification resulted in a list of Good emails. I still dealt with a large percentage of undeliverable results. MOST importantly though, just running this product got me blacklisted by CBL! There should be a warning when using direct connection mode that this will happen! Do NOT use this product or risk blacklisting!

  10. Many features of this software do not function. The on-line help site did not tell me everything, but it was fun figuring out how the program works. There is, however, another problem which makes Kalendra impossible for me to use: Once I exit the program, all of my entries are lost. To make matters worse, after I closed Kalendra I received an access violation warning which froze up my computer so badly I could not even close Windows to restart, and finally had to to shut off power to the computer. One possible explanation is an error notice I received when installing the software, however it allowed me to ignore the error and continue the installation. The same thing happened when I installed it the second time. I don’t know what’s wrong but if they get the bugs out, Kalendra will be truly wonderous software.

  11. Well lets face it guys, most of us want this to look at bible codes and stuff like that, with the unregistered version you can’t actually do much

  12. It does not work on any other computer where it’s not installed, so if you travel without your laptop and need to check whether you have a DVD or not, or even just to update the list with your purchases you can’t, Even if you save the program on a USB key

  13. Adobe is now officially bloatware, loading 3rd-party products, with an executable file that’s bigger than the program itself was just a few versions back.

  14. In the last few days, Gramblr has not wished to cooperate with me. I put several photos up last week, now it freezes at the “Save Caption” screen.

  15. I had a scare after a registry fix /cleanup when after my first reboot after that maintenace my Win10 Modern Ui page fail to show so did my Winows Store and Microsof Edge (they fail to respond respond/start up). Only after a few shutdown/restart does it reappear /respond again. I’m looking for alternative app to avoid IO Bit

  16. Gee, where to begin?
    This Desktop Manager version is inferior and non-functioning compared to the old version.

    First off: I get “Error “CRTranRec:: GetLinkedRecordId : Invalid linked record Id” when I try to sync.
    Here it is in the Blackberry Knowledge Base help forum:
    Of course you currently offer no solution and the message, “This is a previously reported issue that is being investigated by our development team. No resolution time frame is currently available.”
    That’s just peachy.

    Second: this new Desktop Manager software is insanely slow compared to the previous version. Good job RIM. That’s what users want: to spend more time thinking about what other phone they should buy to replace their overpriced 9900 junkberry.

    Third: I use Outlook and the software DOESN’T SYNC RIGHT!!! I tried all sorts of different options to get my memo pad to match, but no dice. Gee, I never had to worry about this with the previous version – because that one worked.

  17. 1well its very scary at first glance and even scarier once you start poking around in detail.however once you understand the interface it becomes second nature.2deffinetly not for someone who is new and doesnt plan to put time into the learning process. 3 there are a few bugs that need to be worked out (such as the pressing of p alone crashes the program) however i never encountered that problem til i read it here and decided to try it but with the timed auto save feature should your prog crash you only lose the amount of data sence your last auto save (i cant lose more then 5 minutes worth of data in a crash) and a few others that are not so devastating and easily fixed right away

  18. Wish it would also speed up systen but you need to download the paid version. Otherwise GREAT product!

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