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On a more practical note, you will also find a “World clocks” section to find out the current time in any other time zone, a countdown timer, a utility to take and save notes, a reminder section for all your important events, a unit converter, a tool to find the distance between any two of up to 18000 locations across the world, and many, many more. On a more scientific note, you will also find a wide selection of mathematical tools, such as a fraction calculator, a statistics calculator, an equation solver, a prime calculator, a number base converter, an Egyptian fraction calculator, a currency converter, and even a method for solving the Travelling Salesman problem.

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Regardless of the nature of their interest in calendars and dates, every user will surely have a reason to regard Calendar Magic Full Version license Key as a curious, interesting, or even an indispensable tool. With 26 historic and current calendars to choose from, compare, and convert between, this feature-rich free tool will solve all your doubts about dates, years, festivals, etc. The program includes a wide range of extra utilities, including an event reminder and a “quick notes” tool. Be it from a scientific point of view or simply out of curiosity, Calendar Magic Full Version serial code has something for everyone. From finding out on what day of the week you were born to the equivalent of a specific date on the Aztec or Mayan calendars, this excellent and really interesting tool can provide you with the right answer in just a few clicks.

Bottom Line

Despite its name, Calendar Magic 19.1 cracked should not be used as a time management solution due to its very limited capabilities in this regard. Its main use is to find answers to any time and date questions you might have. If you take the time to study the “Math Utilities” and “Other Utilities” menus, you will find other uses for it as well, although these can be replaced in most cases with a quick Google search.


  • Set of mathematical tools
  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Events reminder and note-taking tool
  • No drawbacks found during the review
  • Up to 26 historic and current calendars
  • So many useful tools in side it
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Multitude of other options: There’s no shortage of features when it comes to this application. You’ll find more than 60 distinct options that range from utilities telling you when you would reach your 10,000th day alive, to taking notes and creating reminders, to using a world clock, to doing completely unrelated tasks like using a scientific calculator.


Basic interface: Although the interface is straightforward, it is also very basic, displaying nearly all output as words in a large text box, rather than graphical objects. On the bright side, the text is usually well formatted, so the app is quite usable. Poor reminders implementation: Adding reminders is a very convoluted process. Additionally, there is no way for reminders to display alerts on your desktop or in any other manner.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

Time Zones and DST:
Updated the time zone and DST information for the island of Cyprus. Northern locations under Turkish control are in the UTC + 3 time zone and do not use DST. The remainder of the island is in the UTC + 2 time zone but does use DST. Note that, in order to distinguish between locations in the northern Turkish controlled area and those in the southern area, the letters "NC" have been appended to locations in North Cyprus and "SC" to those in South Cyprus.
Corrected the DST rules for various Mexican cities and towns. All cities and towns in Baja California follow the DST start and end dates for the USA, as do Ensenada, La Paz and Tecate. In addition, Wai Hui identified a few other Mexican locations requiring Time Zone and/or DST updates.

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38 thoughts on “Calendar Magic 19.1 full version with keygen download free

  1. A very practical tool for units convertion, time, translating dates into/from different cultures and times to different time zones instantly! Also keeps your notes, pregnancy calendar,lengths between different places of the world, etc. (really etc.!)

  2. Maybe I will like it had more models, but I have found a lot on and on the 3dwarehouse site (sketchup). The collada files are working ok with sweethome3d.

  3. Some more negative comments; the support e-mail address doesn’t exist anymore. So, easy to say that they offer a lifetime support!

  4. It rarely finds threats which makes me think it’s not checking really closely or deeply.

  5. Closes without warning so name that file immediately and save, save SAVE as you work. I set mine to auto save every minute.

    Also, for some reason now it is not saving recent files to to “Today” folder but rather a “no date” folder. Can’t figure out how to fix it and neither can the IT guy.

  6. Would have gotten 5 stars if it could do time lapse still captures and capture more than one device at a time.

  7. I didn’t get very far after download. What the heck is a Python Error. No help dropdown. Looks too complicated !

  8. none. just that if you are a business or if you have a lot of transactions with a lot of people, then be prepared to buy the full version

  9. So far I do not have much bad to say. It does have a confusing column for ‘Accessed/Deleted’ and it is hard to determine just what it is saying and sometimes the dates don’t jive but that might just be the file system of the operation system in question. Cheer!

  10. but it has some sort of bug?
    (the reason may have something to do with playback of songs while editing them; something peculiar with the previous version… also searching for files should begin in the last directory used with application Properties.)

  11. Using the link from this site will automatically install McAffee Security Scan and or Google Toolbar without asking for confirmation when you run the Adobe Download Manager, which is what you get..

  12. Unfortunately it would not open the program that i hoped it would but it was worth trying, glad it was free to download.

  13. i thought this one was going to be an reliable program, but i was wrong. You can do a lot of things with 1 click, but to fix your computer using this software it’s not one of them. It did found a lot of bugs and it supposedly fix them, but my pc feels the same (slow) and when I run it again, it found the same problems. So? I don’t get it.

  14. Bloody Hard To Find On Your Computer!!!!!!!! Difficult to know that it’s working. Too invisible!!

  15. The batch feature did not work on the trial version of the software. It also did not work on the registered version. I emailed the company several times They tried to fix the problem; after a while they stopped responding. I think the registration code is bad but they won’t return my emails. Without the batch feature the software is almost useless.

  16. -no way to customize it (but then again, why would you want to)
    -some people think it could be a virus, but maybe that’s just mcafee.
    -have to make sure you custom install so it doesnt change your browser settings.

  17. It is full of virue abd spyware, will also slow down your pc will not uninstall no mater what you do.It can also mess up some of your other programs

  18. The one click system to clean up your computer makes sure you loose a lot of useful information like cookies and favorites, unless items are checked one by one, which is a cumbersome task.

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