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CCProxy 8 Full Version Activation Code is an application that can be used to help users create their own proxy server and Internet connection using a local area network. While creating a proxy server using CCProxy 8 reg keys, users are provided with access to a variety of management features, such as Internet access control, and Web filtering. This operation is quite simple: all the users should do is add the client's IP, by accessing the Count Manager panel from the main screen. Another noteworthy aspect of the program is the fact that it facilitates communication among the clients who are using the proxy server, making it possible for them to send instant messages to one another, by using the Online Monitor panel.

CCProxy crack

  • Modem, Cable Modem, ISDN, ADSL, Satellite, DDN, WiFi and so on are supported(more).
  • HTTP, FTP, Gopher, SOCKS4/5, Telnet, Secure (HTTPS), News (NNTP), RTSP and MMS proxy are supported.
  • Port Mapping is supported.
  • Web cache can enhance browsing speed. The size and refresh time of the cache can be easily changed.
  • Bandwidth control flexibly manages the traffic usage of clients.
  • Time schedule can easily control the clients’ on-line time (access time control).
  • Web filter can ban the specified web sites or content, It can also name specific web sites for browsing.
  • URL filtering prevents users from downloading files with designated extensions via IE.
  • There are seven types of account authentication: IP address, IP range, MAC address, User Name/Password, IP + User Name/Password, MAC + User Name/Password and IP + MAC.
  • Parent proxy function enables CC Proxy to access the Internet via another proxy.
  • Dial-On-Demand, remote dial up and auto disconnect are supported.
  • Access Logging can keep a full record of the Internet access log.
  • It enables IE and Firefox to access the Internet through HTTP/Secure/FTP (Web)/Gopher. Learn more about how to proxy server for IE and other browsers.
  • SOCKS5 proxy support allows use of ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, CuteFTP, CuteFTP Pro and WS-FTP.
  • Mail proxy supports Outlook, Eudora etc.
  • Supports NetTerm accessing the Internet via Telnet proxy.
  • Supports Outlook connecting to the News server via News proxy.
  • Support SOCKS5 and web authentication.
  • Support for Real Player RTSP proxy and Media Player MMS proxy.
  • Built-in DNS can resolve domain names.
  • Windows 10/8/7/2008/2003/XP/Vista compatible.
  • Bandwidth usage statistics.

Download CCProxy 8.0 Build 20180914 Full Version Free Download – Share a single connection to the Internet with all the computers on a single LAN network with the help of this streamlined application Want to share Internet connection? Get every computer online through a single Internet connection? If you’re tired to connecting to dubious proxy servers across the world, here’s a solution you might not thought of: Create your own server! Now, all you need is to set up a computer with internet access somewhere far away from were you live and run CCProxy full version with crack and keygen on it! Or you could just install it on your computer and become a proxy for your friends. CCProxy 8.0 Build 20180914 Serial Key support web surfing, e-mail, file transfers and anything you can think of doing on the net. It has a cute interface uses very few resources. Nothing more to say about it.


  • None
  • The possibility to browse web pages
  • Complex management functions for clients’ accounts
CCProxy For Windows 10 Download

It was initially designed to modem sharing within a LAN. The app Server has now been expanded to support sharing Internet connection for many other types, such as DSL sharing, cable modem sharing, wireless sharing, satellite sharing, parent proxy server connection sharing, wifi internet sharing and more. If there is a computer within a LAN that can access the Internet, all the other computers within the LAN can access the Internet via this proxy server software. This could make great savings for your business in terms of hardware and Internet connection fees. Features and Highlights Note: It can support at most 3 users, if you want more, please purchase official license.

System Requirement:

  • Homepage:
  • Author Youngzsoft, Inc.
  • Last version 8.0 Build 20180914

What’s new in last version:

Optimized forbidden url setting
Optimized application performance
Fixed a bug that showed wrong outgoing IP in log
Updated Hebrew language file
Added support to add comments in filter files
Added support to assign multiple filter files per user
Optimized process to handle outgoing IP
Fixed a bug causing web page not loading when URL was too long
Fixed a bug with WeChat PC version not working through CCProxy
Added Online/Offline Registration function
Optimized registration function
Added ability to show local ports for port mapping
Added support to set date range for flow stats
Fixed a bug of Outgoing IP list not showing all IPs

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  7. It often fails to find what is there.
    It keeps putting AvaFind Error files and folders on the desktop.

  8. Way too complicated if you are simply looking for someting to monitor your servers internet uptime.

  9. As I said, not the prettiest in the bunch… But that’s about the worst I can say!

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  11. A fuller explanation of what each file is would be nice, but this information is available at other places online.

  12. You have to hit enter to save the selected area. I understand why but I wish there was an option to save immediately when you’ve selected your area. Re-selecting the area if you’re not happy is faster than trying to adjust the rectangle…

  13. Con: It cuts off(loses quality) after a few seconds. I used Windows Sound Recorder and it worked just fine on a brand new computer, so it’s NOT my computer.

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