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CDCheck full version patch can detect and recover damaged files on external media, such CDs, DVDs, and USB drives. Before you attempt to install a program or transfer a file from external media, run CDCheck codes to ensure the data is safe. Use CDCheck 3.1 For Windows Download to thoroughly inspect your backups before using them to restore a crashed hard drive to search for corrupted files and damaged data. CDCheck 3.1 free download is utility for prevention, detection and recovery of damaged files with emphasis on error detection. It can check each of your CDs and DVDs and indicate which files are corrupted. CDCheck serials reporting features tell you exactly where the problems are.

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CDCheck full download can check each of your CDs and DVDs and indicate which files are corrupted. It also provides a comparison option that lets you select a reference directory and compare the files on disk (or other media) with files on the CD or vice versa. Additional features include creation of CRC files, file recovery, detailed error reporting and more. Does not work with Audio Cds. CDCheck Registration key is a software tool that was developed in order to aid people in checking their CDs and DVDs for damaged files as well as recover them with just a few clicks.

Once one of these processes are complete, logs are displayed, enabling you to view info about the action taken, basic statistics (time elapsed, files or folders processed, source bytes read etc.) and errors. These details can be copied to the Clipboard, printed or saved to the HDD in a TXT format.


All in all, CDCheck Full Version pre-Activated is a pretty decent piece of software, with a good response time and an intuitive environment. Nonetheless, it is in dire need of an update, and you should know that not all items can be recovered all the time.


  • Reliably salvages files from various sources
  • Free
  • No way to specify a search
  • Simple-to-use
  • Can also perform hash checks
  • Free software
  • This excellent CDCheck software is FREE for personal use. But to get a free personal use license you need to go to their web site “order” page, create an account with a user name, password, and valid email address, then login and click he button to request a free personal use license. Enter the license code into the CDCheck/About/Registration/Code field and you are good to go! The current web site version as of 02/2010 is 3.1.14
  • None as yet.
  • Has salvaged data from my CDs, DVDs, and HDDs when all others have failed.CDCheck (final) version works fine under Windows 7 32-bit SP1.
  • Free and works very well.
CDCheck activated

Quick install and simple-to-handle environment

The installation process does not bring any surprises, and it lasts just a few seconds. After wrapping it up, you come face to face with a UI which can be characterized by simplicity. Aside from that, it is a bit outdated, yet it can be used with great ease, including people with little to no previous experience with computers. In fact, most actions are built as wizards, which means that you will be guided every step of the way. Moreover, Help contents are provided, and thus all individuals can learn how to use the app at its full potential.

System Requirement:

  • 2 MB of free disk space
  • Windows All
  • Homepage:
  • Author Mitja Perko
  • Last version

What’s new in last version:

new better default buffer settings
languages added / improved
when entering registration code spaces are ignored
when using /gcompare reference directory can also be specified
wav handling string appended (not yet supported when checking)
fixed a small bug in hash error reporting
saved items history now accepts zero (no history)
Recovery process can now be terminated or paused between retries of reading a sector
';' character now valid as comment character for .md5 files
disc label showing fixed on DVR-A08 and maybe some other devices when using CDChek eject/load function
faster displaying of CDInfo
small fix in ISO compliance
sfv file detection improved – now either "Generated by WIN-SFV" must be present as comment or first non-comment line has the following format "FN 8digit_hexvalue"

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10 thoughts on “CDCheck Full Version portable

  1. If you have a damaged CD/DVD or files that you can’t copy to a new disk because of CRC errors, CD Check will read those damaged files, fix them, then save them to disk so you can burn a working copy.

  2. considering that i’ll only ever use the defrag feature, available free as diskdefrag, and the registry cleaner, paying 30 bucks for this program seems quite high. still, for people who are looking for an easy maintenance solution this is probably your best bet.

  3. Cons is that it is by aol and weatherbug and its full of ads etc…. a total junk program in compariaon to better programs out there.

  4. Allows you to download a free version, never disclosing that it is not a usable product until you pay. Tells you this ONLY when you hit the burn button.
    Free version ONLY does 1/2 your video! Great for movies huh? Who just wants to see the first 1/2?

  5. Data entry is rubbish. If I break a foriegn key contraint it doesnt realise, submits the data, waits five minutes then breaks. Entering numbers requires clicking on -/+ icons (ignores writen enteries). Write backs to database are slow.

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