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Store multiple entries in the clipboard, paste the ones of interest, manage history items, and more for an enhanced overall desktop experience ClipX preactivated is a tiny clipboard history manager. It is sweet, it is free, use it. This simple clipboard program captures files copied to the Windows Clipboard but doesn’t offer an extensive feature set compared to others in the category. ClipX keygen offers a simple right-click menu for accessing copied items and configuring the program, while a left-click displays recently copied items.

ClipX pre-Activated

Quietly sits in the tray area

While it places an icon in the Windows System Tray, ClipX Full Version Registration key needs just a single click to show the last clipboards, depending on the user defined settings. It's enough to click any of the entries to automatically copy it to clipboard, but the application offers much more than that. First of all, you need to step into the configuration screen to define the number of clipboards you wish ClipX preactivated to remember. Once you're done there, you can also use the “Search” utility available via the same System Tray icon, which basically lets you search the saved clipboards for a previous entry.

ClipX 1.0 Full Version Activator is a tiny clipboard history manager, it can be recalled via a hotkey and supports both bitmap and text clipboards. ClipX 1.0 Full Version Registration Code is very unobstrusive and will change the way you think about clipboard operations. One of the most important features in Windows is the clipboard. It can only hold one item by default, but this can easily be bypassed with the help of third-party enhancements. ClipX For Pc Free Download is a lightweight, yet advanced clipboard history manager that shows you the content you copied to clipboard and provides several tools to manage it.


  • Running under Windows 7, I find that ClipX often needs to be restarted. When I call up the clipboard display, sometimes it won’t close, or leaves an empty white rectangle that remains until I reboot.
  • There’s a section for plugins but no indication of what they are, what they do, or where to get them.
  • does not allow copying anything other than files, text, or bitmaps unless it is the last item copied.
  • None. It works perfect.
  • I tested a dozen or so clipboard tools, and decided on CipX. It’s simple and basic. No big bells and whistles, but it works cleanly. I do a lot of copying and pasting from one file to another, and this really saves me a lot of time and keystrokes.
  • I was looking for a program that could keep a list of common phrases I was using in Craiglist searches. This little program sits in the tool bar, simply click on the icon then select the phrase you want from the little screen that pops up and it updates the current phrase on the Clipboard. It’s also very easy to remove unwanted phrases from the Clipboard memory right from the toolbar icon. A+++

To sum it up

All things considered, ClipX with crack is a freebie that deserves a chance, working just fine on all Windows versions and remaining very light with hardware resources all the time. It doesn't slow down the system, but instead it provides users some very handy clipboard managing utilities. ClipX license code is a tiny clipboard history manager. It is sweet, it is free, use it. You can use the system tray icon to restore your old clipboards and use a hotkey to paste them directly inside your favorite editor. Plugins are available to add functionality such as saving images and marking items as permanent. ClipX 1.0 setup is a practical tool that allows to copy various elements to the clipboard. Download ClipX full download free and expand the features offered by the clipboard Download ClipX 1.0 Registration Code – Store multiple entries in the clipboard, paste the ones of interest, manage history items, and more for an enhanced overall desktop experience

System Requirement:

  • Homepage:
  • Author Francis Gastellu
  • Last version

What’s new in last version:

Fixed crash when used in Firefox 1.5 (if you use the Stickies plugin, you need to update to Stickies 1.7 to fix crashes in Firefox when pasting a sticky)
Moved clipx.ini to ClipX's directory
Added ini optimization

ClipX full version

32 thoughts on “ClipX full version free

  1. Fraudulently loaded malware onto my computer. It also says “free” when in fact the program downloaded says it is an “evaluation copy” that will only convert 3 minutes of any file. Also, it would not recognize any “.m4p” files. So, not only is there a fraudulent misrepresentation as to cost and it contains malware, it does not work. Do not download. It’s now October and CNET was informed four months ago and the file is still up. Shame on CNET. Doesn’t take much to lose trust.

  2. Would be nice to be able to minimize the product to the system tray. Would be nice with more noise types. Steep price ($9( for a fairly simple tool.

  3. It worked nice, but after one year it mortally crushed my laptop. No one can repair it!

  4. The only cons are that the file size is 4.01MB. You also need a program like WinZip to open this program, because it comes zipped.

  5. I have a PowerPoint presentation with macros, the software does not seem to read this type of file (it does not see the file). Can you tell me if there is work around this issue. I would like to test it before purchase.

  6. when merging avi files, the output frame rate value should be set to “original” by default i dont understand why it wouldnt be. would of saved me having to do the process twice.

  7. Got the same result as Jovan Zec…couldn’t use the program, crashed, couldn’t use the program…frustrating…or i may just be dumb? haha. uninstalled the program. also had problems doing so. oh man. frustrating.

  8. …When it finished, I clicked x to close, and it got an illegal operation! Not only that, but it wouldn’t quit when I clicked Ok!! Not only that, I had to Push the Button to shut down!!!

  9. I’d like a couple different features for web site use – program may be too focused on DVD and mp3 uses – not my bag!

  10. Advertises itself as “no limitations” free software for a beta version but in reality this is a 30 day trial of $400 software, NOT beta.


  12. Lose the Google toolbar. Most toolbar add-ons are just memory hogs and reduce the efficiency and speed of your system.

  13. Whats the point of this? All you can do is add full songs from your mp3 collection, you can mix them, they just play over each other and sound shite.

  14. Base seems to be the abandoned child of this suite. Access is the only part of the Office suite we could not replace. With Access we have the problem of not being able to get the 2010 version, more appropriate for what we are using it for.

  15. The Cnet downloader came with Webroot Secure Anywhere as an optional addition. I’ve used Webroot products and trust them, so I clicked “agree” to install it. Without asking permission, it made a full scan of my system, found 3 instances of malware and removed them. One it considered malware was the Cnet installer. Webroot then rebooted, scanned again, found 1 more malware, removed it, scanned again foun 6 more malwares 1/2 of which were those it had removed the first two times. It removed the file I’d come to Cnet to download, I feel it did this because the installer had an .exe.exe extension, often a sign of malware. After all this, scanning/rebooting 3 times, the software I wanted from Cnet had been removed! In the future I will seek elsewhere for my software downloads, I refuse to use until that irritating Installer is no longer a part of Cnet. worked quite well without that installer, and I won’t visit again until Cnet ceases to use it.

  16. Streaming videos from Youtube or any other source cannot be captured with Realplayer. This has been a problem since June 2012, and they still haven’t fixed it even though there have been several updates.

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