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Converber 2.3.1 Registration key also allows you to customize the software through a few options. For example, you can allow multiple instances at the same time, use multiple user named preference files and choose the way the numbers look (decimal symbol, negative sign symbol, offset etc.). The software supports a wide range of languages, such as English, Spanish, French, German, Bulgarian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian and Greek. The fact of the matter is that Converber 2.3.1 keygen is a useful tool with a nice interface. First-time users shouldn’t have problems figuring out what the app has to offer thanks to the intuitive layout.

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  But, furthermore, Converber 2.3.1 key includes a converter editor to be able to modify any of the current conversions, and even to be able to insert our own conversions.   Among the other interesting features of the application we have the possibility to select favourites, to access easier those conversions that we usually use most.   So, if you work with conversions on a regular basis, and you still haven’t got a tool that helps you carry them out in a dynamic and simple manner, download and install Converber 2.3.1 Full Version license code .

Converber 2.3.1 Full Version pre-Activated provides an incredible amount of options as a unit converter. With a simple layout and an impressive collection of units, this program will be helpful for school and everyday life. We dove right into the program’s intuitive and simply laid out interface, with two main menus of conversions front and center. We would have liked a more robust Help file, perhaps with definitions of the more obscure conversions, but were able to fully utilize the program nonetheless.


  • Customizable conversions
  • Simple and clear interface
  • None
  • Converts into the selected unit as you type
  • Supports more than 2000 units from all scientific fields
  • I DO like the breadth of listings to convert, However:
  • A little bland mixed with advertising to complete the look
  • Easy to use, easy to install, free, converts most units.
  • Nothing at this time.
  • Not a real “con” but I’d love to see one of these conversion utilities with a definition index listing some of the more esoteric units listed.
  • I would highly recommend this program to anyone!
  • No weaknesses found.
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Download Converber 2.3.1 preactivated for free and carry out conversions between all kinds of measurement units. Converber 2.3.1 patched can deal with money, speeds, lengths, weights… A unit converter with an equation editor for your own custom units Converber 2.3.1 Full Version Serial Key's library of units has more than 300 entries in 22 categories including acceleration… Converber 2.3.1 full version setup's library of units has more than 300 entries in 22 categories including acceleration, electric current, flow, volume, and more. On the off chance that there is a conversion not accounted for, adding it is as simple as opening up the built-in conversion editor and adding it to the collection. You can par down the list to a more manageable volume by setting up favorites for frequently used conversions or simply telling Converber 2.3.1 full version serial keys to only show you commonly used conversions. Converber 2.3.1 pre-Activated is freeware, portable, and Windows only.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

Windows Vista and Windows 7 options and updates bug fixes
Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatibility improvements:
Added Arabic and Croatian language files
Updated Hungarian, Italiano and Norwegian language files
Fixed transparency bug (Thanks Andrea!)
Updated Slovak language file
Fixed major options dialog bug (Thanks nimicitor!), fixed roman numeral bug (Thanks Dhanasekar!), and updated several languages.
Fixed check for updates bug (thanks Victor!), updated the status bar, and improved the find dialog.
Added icon toolbar
Added status bar
Fixed searching bug

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  1. You can never uninstall it. It corrupts files. Once it is installed on your machine, it takes an act of God to get it off. I am very technical, and it took me hours to finally get it off my machine. Stay away.

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