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Everyone knows about the TCP and UPD ports, because they are the ones that are used by P2P clients, and we have to open them to let them work. But not only can they be used to download things, but any application that connects to the Internet also uses a TCP or UDP port, or both of them. To know what ports are being used you can resort to CurrPorts 2.63 full .

CurrPorts free full download

You can generate a HTML report with the collected information and save it to your hard drive for later analysis. The report can include all items or you can filter the list by using the process, port or remote address. The information displayed in the main window can be customized by selecting the columns that you want to view. You can also enable the automatic refresh if you want to update the list of applications by using a preset time interval. CurrPorts 2.63 For Windows Download is a practical tool for viewing and managing the opened TCP or UDP ports on your computer. If you need a detailed report about the used ports, this program can help you.

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Thanks to CurrPorts 2.63 free it will be possible to monitor any of our computer’s ports to know what or who is using it, something very interesting for network administrators or for any user that wants to be sure and informed about everything that connects to the network from his PC. CurrPorts full version crack will tell you which TCP and UDP ports are being used with all sorts of details. Download CurrPorts 2.63 full download to your PC for free and manage your network This utility allows you to view all the network connections initiated by your computer. It supports both popular protocols (TCP and UDP). Although the application has a very small file size (EXE occupies around 60 kilobytes), the developer managed to pack a lot of useful features.


  • None
  • Notifying features can be very useful
  • Very small file size
  • Easy to filter and search results
  • Lots of features added in the updates
CurrPorts Full Version keygen

The information it offers is comprehensive, neatly organized in columns which you can enable, disable or reorder to suit your specific needs. If you don’t like the column layout, you can view details about a connection in a dialog which groups information in rows. Exclude and include filters make it easy to manage your connections if you have a large number of them. You also have the possibility to search through the results, by using a text string.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

Fixed CurrPorts to update the TCP port status ('State' column) when it's changed.
Added support for GeoLite2 City and GeoLite2 Country database in CSV format (Both IPv4 and Ipv6 addresses are supported).
In order to use it, you have to extract the files of GeoLite2 database into the folder of cports.exe
Added support for GeoLite2 ASN database in CSV format. In order to use this feature, extract the CSV files into the folder of cports.exe and the information will be displayed in the 'Remote IP ASN' and 'Remote IP Company' columns.
Added /CaptureTime command-line option, which allows you to capture ports information from command-line for the specified number of milliseconds, instead of taking a single snapshot.

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  1. the ultimate comes with anti-virus, which i don’t need. if you turn off av the program shows a”red unhappy face”. av can be turned on and it runs in compatible mode. the pro version comes without av but I got the ultimate at promo.

  2. I do think that the original CS was a lot more functional and easier to use. Its been taking me forever to re learn where everything is and how to use the functions. I might revert back to regular CS but CS2 does have its ups.

  3. Bad viewing angle for main board. Larger graphic of selected piece flickers badly and cannot be seen well. Limited options.

  4. Air Video Server HD 2.3: the software works great. Using it for my iPad to watch movies off 2011 Mac mini / os Sierra. Thanks for the app and your time in its development

  5. try again. it works, it will lead you to the page where you will choose the notebook model and download thу needed product

  6. A nice addition would be a folder structure integration option, i.e. instead of migrating a folder structure from Thunderbird to an “Imported Messages” folder in Outlook Express, have the option to merge the Thunderbird folders and messages right into the Outlook Express folder structure. If this operation is attempted manually by dragging folders from the “Imported Messages” to the Outlook Express personal folders, folders with duplicate names are not merged. Instead, the duplicate in the Thunderbird folder structure has “(1)” appended to its name and is copied into the Outlook Express structure as a new folder. A real merge function would be handy in cases like that.

  7. It caused problems that none of the other versions have and so I cannot load the older version back onto computer.

  8. Knocks out your working backup system. No indication that it is backing up or restoring. Log froze up computer.Backup data location scrambled.I spent a week getting the backup system to work 87% worth.

  9. Basically all labels need to be centered. However if you use a database to pull data, the software will always left justify. You have to manually move everything to the center. Basic functionality it missing in this software. You call tech support and they say that you must upgrade to Pro to get among other things : Centering, layering, and text wrapping.

  10. doesn’t handle all subtitles that well and half the time you can’t get them to work or work the way you want them to. The audio can be slightly to very out of sync if you don’t do any tweaking.

  11. I’m not sure if the problems outlined by the previous reviewer are as he says, but this software worked well for what I needed it for. It doesn’t do much but it does what it says!

  12. Most of the fonts to replace the standard clock are quite juvenile, the program has become very buggy; freezing completely particularly when an alarm is due (it seems). There is no support forum, only support via e-mail (e.g. uninstall – reinstall)

  13. I have tried and tried and tried with this company to register my paid copy of the MP3 Pro which also includes the sound editor, but it’s like lights are on, but nobody’s home. Not once have they replied, which makes me think they are out of business.

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