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Daphne 2.04 preactivated

Daphne crack is a small (system tray) application for killing, controlling and debuging window’s processes. You can kill a process by dragging the mouse over the windows, by right-clicking the process in the main process list, or by typing its name with the “Kill all by name” command. You can set a any window to be always on top, to be transparent, to be enable, et cetera. The main window displays a list of currently running process with detailed information about: CPU usage, Process ID, Process name, Full path (and arguments), Priority, Class (Process / Service), Current memory usage, Peek memory usage, Current swap usage, Peek swap usage, Number of threads.

Daphne Full Version Full Crack

Daphne 2.04 keys requires low system resources, has a good response time, quickly terminates a process and worked smoothly during our tests. We have not come across any issues, since the app did not freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs. Due to its extra settings compared to Task Managers, advanced users should be thrilled with Daphne 2.04 serial code. Daphne 2.04 full version is a simple utility that makes it easier to manage your system’s processes. Though it successfully let us kill and debug our processes, we found its Help file less than helpful.

Completing the actions offered by Daphne Full Version Free Crack is as simple as selecting the action on the interface and then dragging the objective icon (that can be found at the bottom of the interface) to the process or the window that is going to be affected, and the program will carry out the indicated action. Thanks to this system, the user will be able to clearly identify the process that controls a window, kill the process or debug the possible errors that it may have. Download Daphne 2.04 Full Version pre-Activated for free to have access to a task manager with more options.


  • A lot of features inside a medium size tool.Easy to use.Clear process list and command line support.Multidesktop feature.
  • Doesn’t provide historic information.
Daphne free download

Although Daphne 2.04 reg keys was born just to kill Windows processes, you can think of Daphne 2.04 Full Version Registration key as a Task Manager replacement. The main window displays a list of currently running processes with detailed information about: CPU usage, Process ID, Process name, Full path (and arguments), Priority, Class (Process / Service), Current memory usage, Peek memory usage, Current swap usage, Peek swap usage and Number of threads

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

Windows Explorer integration bug fixed
Updated French translation
Updated Chinese translation
Copy to clipboard MD5 or SHA1 hash for any process executable file
Explorer integration: Compute MD5 or SHA1 hash, validate and create hash file
Daphne command-line: Compute MD5 or SHA1 hash, validate and create hash file
Scheduled tasks are presistent now
Installer improvements
MD5 and SHA1 values for installation files
Copy process list to clipboard in CSV format
Explorer integration add extras

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26 thoughts on “Daphne 2.04 preactivated

  1. As I work creating software for Windows, Daphne has been useful in debugging process behaviour at run-time.

  2. I never successfully converted my DWG. If you use express installation, you will have a lot of crap installed on your computer (predictable?!)! It will modify your search browser, etc. Do not install this SW!

  3. Error on second run, had to reload it in order to delete it’s shortcuts and folder. It locked up Windows Explorer if you didn’t delete them before removing the program.

  4. It even reached the area of highest quality mastering studios whre it is currently used! I use it since 2006 and am really glad i got to know it. This is the most influencing discovery in my HiFi-experience ever!

  5. I have installed on XP, 7 and 764bit.

    “invalid device pointer” on all systems
    the service runs great.

  6. this is very useful software for recovering windows passwords. And it is easy to use and it is also used for recovering ymail, gmail and windows live etc password.

  7. – sometimes new bug fixes comes slower than they should
    – constant error messages even if everything is working
    – following standards so hard that it has less features than it could

  8. A lot of people couldn’t bebothered to set up a system like mine, but it works for me. I think it’s worth it just to know that no matter what crap goes down on my PC it’s just a matter of restarting. You do need to have a system though or you’ll end up restarting and losing important stuff. You could use a virtual system reboot and restore system but they are not as invulnerable as a true image.

  9. I only ever used this to read documents and copy selected texts or URLs and this functionality has been disabled.

    Adobe products are constantly updating themselves.

  10. Since I am not a specialist in formatting I felt a bit “in the dark” following the few instructions at first.

  11. Wish you could maximize the window. Seems a little slow, but I am an impatient person, so it’s no problem for most people

  12. I cannot say there are any. On the file compression tool if they could have indicated a total time or time remaining feature I would welcome that. Otherwise, works quickly uninstalling and does a good followup to see if anything left behind after uninstalling the main program.

  13. Constantly requires me to reboot my system in order to be able to use it after trying to convert files. Older versions were slow at times, but they never completely froze my system

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