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Desktop Ruler 3.28 Full Version Registration Code brings two measuring tools to your laptop screen or monitor. The main measuring tool is (obviously) a ruler but the utility also features a so-called “Precise Measuring Tool”. With it, you can measure the exact distance between two points (pixels), the angle of the straight line that connects them and some other data. The tool is really precise because it allows you to easily pick the exact pixels you need with the help of a magnifier that can zoom in up to 15X.

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Measuring up distances on the computer screen isn’t an easy task, unless you have a specialized tool to do the job. Desktop Ruler 3.28 Activation Key is a virtual ruler that can measure pixels, inches or centimeters on the screen. The program has a simple interface that is quite easy to figure out, thanks to the intuitive layout. As mentioned, the app calculates the distance between various areas of the screen and provides exact measurements and other details, such as the exact coordinates of the mouse pointer and the color code of that area.

Desktop Ruler Registration Code is, just as its name indicates, a virtual ruler utility/tool for your desktop. It has customizable size, color, transparency, orientation and scale in pixels, centimeters or inches, as well as some other useful features like Precise Measuring Tool with adjustable zoom, capable of measuring on-screen distances in any angle, not just along the ruler, support for multiple monitors systems and customizable double-click action. A useful, virtual ruler that can rapidly help you measure various distances on your computer’s screen, be it pixels, inches or centimeters Estimate or precisely measure on-screen distances


  • Supports multiple monitors
  • Can’t fine-tune DPI setting in trial version
  • Every feature/option/action is squeezed in a long right-click menu with numerous elements
  • Well-made “precise measuring tool”
  • Very flexible/customizable
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It’s normal for a trial version to be limited in some ways but it’s a mistake to deny access to an essential setting: you cannot manually adjust the DPI (dots per inch) value. Because of this, if none of the presets matches the DPI of your display, the measuring units displayed on the ruler will not be accurate. This is, at its core, a good program but the few slip-ups lower its quality, making it just a so-so product.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

in a previous build one line of code accidentaly got deleted, causing a series of bugs
Removed "Minimize to Tray" menu option – handling the application minimized to system tray was not intuitive enough, so this option is permanently removed
Single bugfix:
application does not show a taskbar icon any more, just like in older versions up to 3.28
Security patch:
application INI file moved from setup to user appdata filder
ruler now runs without interfering with UAC settings
Improved performance
smoother ruler dragging on 64-bit versions of Windows
faster new version checking
unicode support for languages with different character sets

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  2. I have tried to download this several times with no luck.Even tried downloading on a friends computer,he didn`t have any luck either.A person can`t recommend something,if he can`t use it.ADOBE..I CAN LIVE WITH OUT YOU.

  3. a loooooooooooooooooooooot , can’t edit with keyboard , after i edited my song for 1 hour , the software tell me have to pay !!!! SUcks !!!!!

  4. None really – just have to read a few directions (I’m not a reader or a good direction follower)

  5. – Creates MP3 files it cannot read itself
    – Left parts I wanted edited out but I could no longer select those sections.

  6. the wonderfull programers forgot to tell me there was a VIRUS or the program was crap. i had to uninstall my Flock browser and install freeking slimbrowser, to use the internet again.

  7. I’ve tried to add a host, but it wants me to get the pro version, so thus yyou are unable to make more hosts without “paying the price”.

  8. After doing everything correctly for two hours, I get an error message on the very last step – and ended up having to email the company.

  9. Does not work at all. Does not block or remove anything. This program does not qualify as a malware remover or blocker because it does not work. It wants you to buy the premium but that does not work as either. If you posted a review and said it worked for you then you are mistaken because it can’t remove or block any viruses or Malware.

  10. I only ever used this to read documents and copy selected texts or URLs and this functionality has been disabled.

    Adobe products are constantly updating themselves.

  11. The only con that I could say about the program is some of the photos it recovered were not viewable and once I restored them were not able to be opened.

  12. It took longer for the conversion than I had anticipated, so make sure you set aside some time for the conversion to complete.

  13. I got a 20% discount for buying this. It seems that there are many websites providing at a discounted price. Company’s official website also offers special promotion,

  14. The free version only performs a single pass. A very expensive upgrade to Pro is required to unlock and perform useful erases. Do not waste time with this one. I am uninstalling the free version.

  15. Will this work with Internet Explorer 11? For some reason, it gives me the error code saying I need Internet Explorer 7 when I have Internet Explorer 11. I’m trying to downgrade,but it’s getting very agitating and seems not worth my time. But I’d like to get a gameface. So as I said will this plugin work for Internet Explorer 11?

  16. Free version puts an advertisement at top of a partially converted document. You have to link the document to the application in its directory. The uninstall is incomplete, leaving a directory with files in it.

  17. I purchased this scan tool and disk some time ago, and recently had to replace my laptop. The new one runs in Windows 7, the OBD program will not operate properly now. Can I download the program without paying again, or can you tell me how to make it run on the Windows 7 platform.

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  19. The best way to develop in Adobe AIR is through Flash Professional (which I have). It is expensive to get started, though well worth the cash. There are some difficulties with keeping code inaccessible (a developer concern, but never a user-end concern) Other than that, no real cons!

  20. It only has a 30-Day trial subscription from here. However, if you have a friend who’s good with computers, you can get it for coughfreecough. hahaha.

  21. I brought this software few months ago but never had to use it for restore. Last week, I wanted to use by backup images as i wanted to restore my disk after virus outbreak. The restore just does not work and the support was not helpful either.

  22. After importing two pieces of furniture, each time I open the program and open my file, the program shuts down. As a result, I had to uninstall it. Also, the colors it shows are not true to RGB or hex values, which was disappointing.

  23. Sometime to manage partition sizes after a restore you need a diferent tool. there are some good free anyways but a more complete and integrated disk management would be nice.

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