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Doremi FLV to MP3 Converter 1.6.0 Registration key

Can only convert FLV

You may choose the destination folder of the created MP3 as well as see the current processing status. At the end of the conversion, a pop-up notifies you when the job is done. One thing worth mentioning is that, as the application's name suggests, it cannot convert other video formats besides .FLV and cannot produce files of other formats besides MP3.

Customize the sound settings

Several of the audio settings can be customized, such as channel (mono or stereo), sample rate, MP3 bit rate and volume, while also providing you with some non-essential editable info such as artist's tag. A big downside is the fact that the software application does not allow renaming  the output file.

Doremi FLV to MP3 Converter Serial Key

Overall, the program is resource-efficient, even during the conversion process, without encountering any functionality issues such as performance spikes or screen freezing. However, it was noticed that the program overwrites files of the same name without notifying the user, and the audio quality is sub-par compared to that of the original video. This drawback is rather significant considering that most users use this kind of software in order to aquire clear, high-quality audio files.

Doremi FLV to MP3 Converter 1.6.0 portable 1.6 is a new version of Doremi FLV to MP3 Converter 1.6.0 free full download developed by Doremisoft. What this program does is help you to convert the video files you download from the most popular video-sharing websites into Mp3 files. If you like a song of a video you are watching on YouTube, you should download the video file and then convert it to Mp3 by using this software, so that you can listen to it whenever and wherever you are. With this application, you will be able to extract the files you convert to your cell phone or Mp3 player.


  • It converts your files with a very fast conversion speed
  • It’s easy to use
  • It doesn’t support many formats
  • It’s free
  • It hasn’t improved a lot since the last version
Doremi FLV to MP3 Converter crack

General impression

All in all, Doremi FLV to MP3 Converter 1.6.0 with serial keys is an average application when it comes to FLV-to-MP3 conversion, but considering the lack of features and some of the issues found, it is recommended you try to find other converters out there, since there are other similar applications. Convert FLV files to MP3s using this lightweight program, while customizing the audio channels, sample rate or MP3 bit rate, all within the same menu

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

Add single converting Progress Bar.
Support batch converting Progress Bar.
When convertered successfully, it will shows you 'convert successfully'.

Doremi FLV to MP3 Converter 1.6.0 keygen

50 thoughts on “Doremi FLV to MP3 Converter 1.6.0 Registration key

  1. There is aa problem with the Windows Esplorer when opening Computer, Network and Control Panel icons.

  2. Dear nataraj! Unfortunately, this program has been discontinued by the developer and is not available any more on the developer’s site.

  3. There were two problems with the software. First, the PDF & TXT help files weren’t written very well, and I had to reread them several times to figure out how to do the procedure (HINT: If you’re a newbie like me, skip the instructions about manually creating a bootable floppy, and go straight to their instructions on downloading a free program that does it all for you — it’s a lot easier). 2nd, the program didn’t respond to my keyboard commands at first, and I realized why — for some reason, the software doesn’t react well to USB keyboards. When I plugged in a PS/2 keyboard, I could tell the program to operate just fine. So be sure to have a PS/2 keyboard on hand if you use this product.

  4. The ONLY reason I used a converter at all was to burn subtitles into film/video.
    I had the OLD VERSION of this product for over 3 years, and accidentally deleted it.
    This is the only version I can now find and it DOES NOT offer option to “Burn” subtitles into film or video anymore. I cannot find the older version anywhere so I won’t be using this product anymore as it no longer serves it’s purpose for me.

  5. It’s still being developed and could use a wider variety of additional plug-ins and effects.

  6. Rarely updated. Minimal support. AirHorn feature has never worked in any version, or on multiple PC’s.

  7. Using the new engine was similar to the other one, very few differences, quite good performance and the results were better than I expected. I also enjoyed dealing with their support. It appears they have actual humans reading the e-mails and not just copy-pasting dumb pre-packaged replies.

  8. I don’t see how they could ask me to pay for the full product. After the 15-minute, full-product demo – the program only found 3 and it searched for about 20. (I own all the original CDs for the albums.)

  9. You MUST MUST MUST purchase a voda host account in order to publish your web site creations. My wife spent months perfecting her website only to find out that she could not upload her creation to our host of choice.

  10. Once in a while it has issues with user account control on vista and 7…no problem, just disconnect and reconnect and problem solved. 10 second inconvenience.

  11. *Bothers you about a full version when conversion is finished. As far as I can tell, there is no handicap on the freeware version

  12. No Help (nothing happened when I clicked on menu selection Help). No pan or zoom. No audio file capability. No meaningful picture captioning. No picture transition effects. Limited picture editing ability. Improving the English would improve readability.

  13. Immediately after accidentally deleting a folder, I paid for and installed the full version of Active Undelete from another drive, as they instructed.. It undeleted my files as promised, but all of them were in a corrupt and unusable state – my MPEG files had huge macroblocking, my Photoshop files were missing most of the layers, my MP3 files wouldn’t open. I think it’s a scam. It has now been months and the company hasn’t answered any of my e-mails. I’m considering reporting them. Don’t waste your time with the trial version, because it has the actual undelete feature disabled.

  14. Does not always remove traces from some programs. If you uninstall a program and if some traces of that program can’t be removed, it tells you that not all left overs can’t be removed. Isn’t this on of the main selling points of this program…to uninstall traces and leftovers? Also, this program forces you to install their anti-virus program with a 30 trial. After that…it pops up when you least expect it sometimes freezing certain websites you’re visiting briefly wanting you to purchase the anti-virus. This happens periodically over and over and very annoying.

  15. Does this program allow input of limiting tidal heights to enable the calculation and printout of the time at which these limiting heights of tide occur?

  16. It’s too expensive!!! The demo should include at least >some< functionality to give the user a >taste< of what this software is capable of.

  17. It is very slow. It worked for my purposes, but my videos take about 2x the time to convert as they did to watch/record (ex. one 3-min video took about 6-mins to convert). At least you can queue the videos up and leave your computer for a while while the program converts for you.

  18. If anything, it would be that it blood sheds. Little children might be afraid or might be influenced. I recomend this for ages eight or nine and up.

  19. Downloaded it 30 times,over and over(Windows 7), turned off my antivirus, firewall, etc.. Installed Java also: Mozilla (latest v.) still does not recognize it as a plugin. After install it opens my browser and goes into a loop, wanting to download it over and over. JUNK!! Uninstalled older version, restarted over and over…nothing!!

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