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  Dukto R6 portable doesn’t require any installation. It will only be necessary to launch the executable. It offers us the possibility to transfer multiple files simultaneously and even to send text fragments. The program has support for Unicode.   To transfer files between computers you now have a tool like Dukto R6 Activation Code , that has the added benefit of being free of charge, due to the fact that it has been developed under the GPL license.

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Originally built by the single developer Emanuele Colombo, this app received numerous updates until it reached its final R6 version in the spring of 2016. Since then it has remained stable, serving countless users with its incredible suite of tools. Dukto R6 full version serial keys is 100% FREE for both home and enterprise users, and it features translation to several international languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Polish). Note: This software is no longer maintained. You can download it and use it if it works on your devices, but I can’t provide any update and support anymore.

The program connects to a Wi-Fi or LAN network and automatically detects other devices. Most of a transfer is done automatically, you just to select a buddy (target device) and the files or folders you want to send. Luckily, dragging the desired contents and dropping them onto the program’s window is also supported. Besides files, the program allows sending text. It is good that no additional steps are necessary on the target device as the files are copied to the default recipient folder. As extra options, you can specify an IP address instead of choosing a buddy.


  • Does not require knowing the recipient IP address
  • Transfer data very fast
  • Does not create its own hotspot
  • Avoids the complex operations involved in sharing files between devices running different operating systems
Dukto For Windows 10 Download

  • Simple Metro style UI.
  • Zero configuration.
  • High speed file transfer.
  • Multi files and folders transfer.
  • Transfers log.
  • Clients auto-discovery.
  • No server or internet connection needed.
  • Full Unicode support.
  • Windows 7 task bar integration with progress and transfer indicator.
  • Open received files directly from the app.
  • Send and receive text snippets (eg. useful for sending URLs).
  • Show your IP addresses on the IP connection page.
  • Multi-OS native support.

System Requirement:

  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage: www.msec.it
  • Author Emanuele Colombo
  • Last version R6

Hye, there is a limit size for the files to transfer ? I have a problem with files more than 2Gb, the transfer stop at 2Gb

If you are using the classic desktop application there is no limit, it has been tested with bigger files than yours. If you are using apps from app stores, I’m not aware of limits, but I can’t confirm it.

39 thoughts on “Dukto R6 serial keys

  1. More features are also integrated in this program, including MP3 Player, Voice Comparator, Parody Maker, Voice Analyzer and most importantly, our unique natural nickvoice

  2. There are versions newer than this and the only reason you are FORCED to download this is so you don’t “cheat” when printing coupons.

  3. Had to download sounds for alerts, would be much easier if a few sounds were included with the install, not a huge issue just download a free wav sounds and put in the program folder.

  4. RIP Gramblr. Anyone knows some app close enough to replace gramblr? It’s not working anymore.

  5. After installation I got error messages from my Comodo Firewall – Comodo would not initialize. Don’t know the connection between the two programs.

  6. Compared to some other utilities in this category, the price is a bit steep. I would think $20 or $25 would be much more reasonable.

  7. I had a minor problem, and in checking with the gentleman who writes this program, I menioned an improvement I felt might be helpful. He thanked me, and included my suggestion on the next version, and ever since. No problems with this fine program.

  8. This is basically the worst program I’ve ever used, I recommend checking it out if you want a good laugh. Do you generally consider psychadelic, flashing anime characters to be out of place for an audio repair device? Well, whoever made this program didn’t. How about random, Matrix-esque digit displays that are constantly running even when the program is idle? Yep, it’s got that too. Basically right after installing the software I got terrified that I had installed some sort of virus because the program is *SO* messed up. The progress bars aren’t labeled at all and they don’t walk you through the process, so I stopped the program manually midway through because I got worried it was just going to delete all of my files. Add a bunch of misleading pop-up ads, a super-confusing interface and poor English, and you get a program that should just be removed from Download.com/CNET entirely.

  9. Used to be a good free program, which is why I upgraded to the shopping cart version (which they advertise is free). Well, I guess the download is free. But cannot be used except if you purchase hosting from them. I’ve received several emails from them asking how I liked it, to which I tried to reply. The emails always bounce back. So went to their support system online. Same result. Why would anyone wish to purchase an item that was deceptively advertised to begin with and their hosting is so poorly maintained that they don’t notice after 6 weeks that their email links STILL don’t work!

  10. Please note that torrents, by their nature, tend to take a lot longer than direct-downloads. However, whether you are new to torrents or not, I would recommend this. 6.0 had a tendency to crash, but apparently that is fixed.

  11. There’s no other way to say it, Adobe flash player just sucks. Whether it’s Windows 7 or Windows 8, Google Chrome, Firefox or IE, this program is nothing but trouble. Crashes, freezes, and the inability to resolve a URL are all the symptoms that I’ve experienced. I finally got so fed up with it I uninstalled it. There are now a few videos that I can’t see and a lot of advertisements that I no longer have to watch.

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