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Record DVD movies for your Apple iPod/iPhone and PSP Easy to use DVD player Download DVD X Player standard 5.5 registration keys – Easy to use DVD player DVD X Player is not an ordinary DVD player, with this powerful utility you can watch your favorite movies without worrying about the region code to which the DVD belongs. But, what does this mean exactly? If you don’t know, DVD video discs may be encoded with a region code, restricting the area of the world in which they can be played; but now with DVD X Player that is not a problem.

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Moreover, you can set file associations, configure power settings, enable hardware acceleration, modify audio output properties, specify the destination of the recording, set the parental level, change the interface language, and more. Settings can be restored to their default values. The DVD player uses a moderate amount of system resources, has a well-written help file with snapshots and hasn't displayed any errors during our tests. We highly recommend DVD X Player to users of all levels.

DVD X Player is a simple tool that allows you to play DVDs in a user-friendly environment. The interface of the application is clean and easy to work with. You can import a DVD by using the file browser or “drag and drop” method. So, you can use simple media player functions such as pause and stop, adjust the volume, switch to full screen mode and navigate back and forth within the video. But you can also open a floating panel to select chapters, create a playlist and bookmarks, take snapshots and record DVDs. Furthermore, you can enable repeat mode, go to the menu, select subtitle and audio streams, play DVDs from the hard disk or photos as a slideshow, change the aspect ratio, and more. In the “Options” window you can select the default drive, audio, subtitle and menu language, allow DVD X Player to automatically resume play and to check for updates automatically, as well as enable autoplay and autorun.


  • Advanced options
  • Very easy to use interface
  • None
DVD X Player standard pre-Activated Free Download

But, although this player you can play all region DVDs, you can find more interesting features on it. – DVD X Player provides you an excellent video and audio quality (Dolby&DTS). – You can record a DVD movie as MPEG2 video or MP3 audio file. In order to do this, all you have to do is click the Record button located on the main control panel. – You can capture still image while a movie is playing. Just press a hot key or the button Capture on the Floating Panel, and the result will be an image in BMP format. – The most popular video formats are supported; AVI, MPEG1/2, WMV, ASF, DV, DV1, VOB, IVF, MOV, RM, DivX, SWF, and others. – A smart compensation technology that lets you to watch any movie with 16:9 aspect ratio on any screen mode, without distortion. Definitely, DVD X Player is one of the best options to play your favorites movies or videos without worrying what region code they belong.

System Requirement:

  • or AMD CPU with 450 MHz and 3Dnow! or higher
  • 64MB RAM
  • Display Card: Have 24 Bits resolution and support DirectX, 8MB Video-ROM or more
  • PCI sound cards, Integration chipset on Mother Board, USB audio devices etc. compatible with Windows and stereo speakers
  • all DVD-ROM drives except for Matshita, Sony VAIO and Toshiba satellite
  • At least 10 MB free disk space
  • DirectX 8.1 or later
  • Windows All
  • Homepage: www.regnow.com
  • Author DVD X Studios
  • Last version

What’s new in last version:

Support to convert the record file into 3GP format for smart phones
Support to convert the record file into MP4 format supported by iPhone
Support Windows 7
Fixed installation error of the software on some computers
Perfectly playback the newly released DVDs which cannot be read before
Fixed some bugs
Convert Recorded Files
Convert the recorded file to various formats, such as .ASF, .PSP, .MPEG, .iPod, .AVI.
Detect the mobile device automatically, since you connect Apple iPod or Sony PSP. And will convert the file directly to Apple iPod or Sony PSP.
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  1. I was not able to merge more than two files simultaneously where the files were bigger than 500mb.

  2. Many user controls, such as “Stop,” do not work. I finally disabled Flash in Internet Explorer (except on a trusted exceptions-only basis) due to unwanted media starting to play on Web pages, and said media not even responding to the Stop icon.

    Also, right-clicking on “Settings” did not indicate the source of the media–in other words, Flash allows other Web domains to operate in your browser without any means of identifying them. It is therefore no surprise that Flash player is a suspected vehicle for malware.

    There is also the issue of parental controls for families with children. If parents cannot identify the source of unwanted media, they cannot add it to a ban list (e.g. via the Hosts file). The same goes for IT departments that enforce corporate computer usage policies, e.g. if unsuitable content appears on a page that is otherwise acceptable.

  3. I wrote an image of my newly installed XP to a second hard drive, then burned that image to a DVD. Tried to restore from the DVD, the program wouldn’t do it, said the file was corrupt. Tried to create the image direct to DVD, the program wouldn’t do it. This happened twice, with two different reasons given. First time it ejected the DVD abd asked for CD, second time it said it was a trial version and wouldn’t proceed. So, tried to create image to a set of CDs. On the third CD, the program quit with errors. There seems to be no way to write only the third CD again, and I already have enough coasters. So, I have no way of knowing whether the image I made can be restored or not. I would have thought that was fairly important information. Oh, and I didn’t try to restore from the second hard drive because I have zero confidence, based on what I’ve seen of the program so far, that this software wouldn’t trash the disk.

  4. Wouldn’t open an .mpg file that I wanted to edit/shorten. That’s all I wanted it for, so I didn’t explore anything else about the software.

  5. I have to mirror *stephenlikesto* comments above. Adobe keeps running their product down with each upgrade. I am working with a 580 page book published in 1884. I worked for a week from the previous ‘Reader’, I guess Reader X. After upgrading to Win 7 I downloaded Reader XI. Before it took perhaps half a minute for the pdf file to load and then I could scroll all the way through it to the page I wanted. With the new Reader it takes minutes for the file to load, and then as I scroll through it I have to wait again for that page to load – perhaps a few more minutes. Then if I swipe a paragraph to copy and save in a word processor doc it pastes as a column, one word per line: disasterous! I have to do a screen capture and OCR the image – a poor use of my time. Originally the pages of this old book appeared yellowish as one would expect; with Reader XI it is black and white and reads poorly, the text faint at points.

  6. 1 Beware of doing deep scan on registry in any mode. It can remove files from your computer. A fix,` make sure to create a Restore Point before any deep scan, better be safe then sorry.`

  7. Most of the Templates had to be purchased.
    Upon installing software, thhis company installed all there software products on my PC even though I opted “NO” on the installation screen. Terrible!!

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