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Efficient Sticky Notes 5.60 Build 559 setup

Efficient and responsive note-taking tool

The program runs on a low amount of system resources, has a good response time and contains a help file for all user levels. We have not encountered any problems during our tests; Efficient Sticky Notes 5.60 Build 559 serial code did not freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs. Throw away the traditional paper sticky notes and start using the completely free Efficient Sticky Notes pin! “Stick” your notes on the desktop and you can read important information at any time on the screen. It saves your money and saves your time! The software allows various background colors, with optional gradient effect, to be set for the sticky notes.

Efficient Sticky Notes pin

We usually take notes in overwhelming situations, when we are on the brink of chaotic circumstances, and that is why they are not always the most coherent pieces of text one could produce. However, there are software solutions that aim to make the whole process more efficient by offering to organize all your ideas, and Efficient Sticky Notes 5 Full Version Registered is one of them.

Lets you create and edit digital sticky notes

As the name of this piece of software implies, Efficient Sticky Notes 5.60 Build 559 Full Version portable allows you to create digital sticky notes that you can read directly from the desktop. This way, you can organize your schedule quickly. The interface of the program is plain and simple to navigate through. You can create a new desktop note and configure several settings, such as changing the background color or font. Plus, you can adjust the transparency level and hide the note on the desktop as well as set Efficient Sticky Notes 5 full version with keygen download free to automatically set the window size, stay on top of other applications and to use the gradient background.

An option to cut the note off after a certain number of characters or words would be most welcome; users could then, as they can now, click on the note to view the entire contents. Efficient Sticky Notes 5.60 Build 559 full version comes with a Help file that is well-written and thorough. Overall, this program didn’t knock our socks off, but it’s not a bad choice for users seeking a simple sticky note utility. Efficient Sticky Note installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users.


  • Free
  • Allows setting the transparency and customizing the notes
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Synchronization features not available in the free version
  • It works: you can put a lot of notes on your desktop, even fade them out so that they barely show. I had work reminders, personal reminders, phone numbers I was going to need rather than have to look them up, notes about things I needed to do to help my aging mother, such as shopping lists . . . The usage went on and on. That is exactly what I wanted and needed, enough so that I went to their website to see what other products they have.
  • As Of Now…….None
  • I needed an easy reminder setup as aging does take its toll on memory. This works really great for me.
  • Downloaded, Installed & Runs Beautifully. This being the first day of owning it, I’d have to say …so far so good.
  • Everything
Efficient Sticky Notes full version crack

Efficient Sticky Note’s interface is attractive and intuitive, reminding us quite a bit of Microsoft Outlook. Previews of the notes are displayed in an upper pane, while a lower pane shows the full body of a selected note. Users can choose whether or not they want each note to appear on the desktop, making the program useful for keeping notes that you don’t necessarily need immediately. We liked that the program lets users change the background color and opacity of the sticky notes, and it’s also quite handy that users can attach files to notes. We do wish that the program had a better way for handling lengthy notes, though. The sticky notes display the entire text of the note, which can get quite unwieldy if a note is more than a couple sentences long.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

(Efficcess Network version) added: Users can set to only remind some team members for public tasks.
(Efficcess) Enhancement: Users can also choose to alert at a specific time for the Tasks with no start date and due date.
(Efficcess) Enhancement: Optimized the editing interface of Event.
(Efficcess) Enhancement: Optimized the editing interface of Task.
(Network version) Fixed: The SYSDBA may not have full privileges.
(Efficcess) Fixed: Error may come when Importing predefined holidays.
Other improvements are made and bugs are fixed.
Fixed: Some elements may not be fully displayed in search interface.
Other improvements and bugs have been handled.
Fixed: Software have not saved the orders for custom fields when moving up or moving down.
Update: Update Traditional Chinese language package.

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47 thoughts on “Efficient Sticky Notes 5.60 Build 559 setup

  1. Upgrade to 7.7 resulted in problems with upload, as reported with the error message above on Dimeadozen’s user profile page. Effectively, uploads don’t happen. Bittorrent user forum has (had?)a thread: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/7792-protocol-error-4/page__p__25664__fromsearch__1#entry25664 If they’ve pulled it you may be able to look at google cache

    Problem is easily repeatable, and I readily mitigated the issue by installing 6.4c from backup. Problem resolved. Definitely something in the new 7.7 install.

    My post on the user forum thread noting the above has been deleted four times. After the last time I find I am no longer allowed to visit the forum. I did not leave any inappropriate comments (unless pointing out a bug is inappropriate).

    I might have looked for a fix and upgraded to a new working version. Now I’m in the process of moving to a new client entirely.

  2. Not easy to set up if you don’t understand behind-the-scenes router information

    Does not work consistently

    Not free

  3. download time …monster , does a 7 point test on your system to see if it’ll start…snoody …two words….keep looking

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  5. The interface minimizes useful document-displaying area and maximizes buttons and tabs that are never used. With a modern laptop screen whose vertical resolution is not very high, it becomes a very large obstacle to productivity.

  6. Not really a con, but I wish they’d include an antivirus in Boostspeed. That would make it all I need for PC care.

  7. Having said that when it works it is a bit of a star so my advice would be to try it out but, as the saying goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, give up and use Gom or VLC instead”.

  8. AutoGK link on Program Site page is gong to BETA version 2.53, not current stable release 2.55. Click “Downloads Main”, then “Full Stable Releases” to get the real deal.

  9. So far, I do not see any problems with this software. I am impressed as I read some previous reviews and tried a couple of other programs (IOIO and RegTweak) and was not impressed.

  10. None that I can really think of, aside maybe from the fact that they update pretty regularly. It’s a good thing for the program, but just a bit of a hassle that I have to re-download the program every couple of days.

  11. It works perfectly with my XP system as it is also linked to ITunes. I would give it a 5 star rating.

  12. It gave me a hard time to download this. You need other programs to use this. I decided not to download it. Good luck if you want to try!

  13. No cons as far as I can see it’s a good program that allows you to delete duplicate file and will even search across multipy hardrives for duplicate file something many programs willnot do.

  14. Although it will do a backup, be forewarned that it will NOT back up your Autotext if you had an older version of the OS).
    Also, it will not sync with Outlook at all, which is pretty frustrating since I use my Outlook contacts and calendars at my desk, and now I have to enter everything twice.

  15. A few if you are a power user, and none if you are just a normal user.

    Other than that… The EGG format is a little slow but does have the BEST compression. I wouldn’t use it on small files < 1GB, however anything > 4GB I would recommend it if you NEED space on your hard drive.

  16. Does not suppress standby mode in Windows 7, not even when you’ve chosen “Shut down after completion”, which makes no sense at all. Have to manually switch off standby mode every time I backup my partitions. Also, you cannot tell the program to do several backups, so it’s not possible to backup the system drive and another HDD after one another during the night.

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