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Epic Pen 3.9.116 registered

The program also gives you access to options to undo certain actions and to clean up your screen (remove all annotations). Another great aspect is that you can define various shortcut keys to immediately complete Epic Pen patch-related tasks. For example, you can set a global hotkey for immediately taking a snapshot. Several things bothered me about Epic Pen 3.9 with crack. For starters, there were a couple of features I wasn’t able to check while testing the program, like the ability to use the Line tool or to write text. You need to upgrade the tool to its Pro edition to get access to the aforementioned features.

Epic Pen Full Version Serial Key

Another disadvantage is that the utility supports only one output format when exporting screenshots: PNG. Furthermore, Epic Pen 3.9.116 full download lacks the option to take snapshots of certain areas or windows from your screen. Instead, you can only take fullscreen snapshots. Still, the aforementioned flaws aren’t crucial and the program works great and doesn’t slow down other running tools. I’d say it’s worth giving Epic Pen 3.9 Full Version Serial Key a shot.

Epic Pen 3.9 premium is a fun application that gives you the possibility to draw on the screen with a pen, regardless of the environment, such as desktop, active application, the Start menu, taskbar, or anything else. It also supports a highlighter, eraser, screenshot grabber, and keyboard shortcuts. No previous experienced with graphic software is necessary.

Installation and interface

Setting it up is fast and easy, and the only notable aspect is that it requires you to have .NET Framework installed. As far as the interface is concerned, the utility adopts a small vertical bar with a modern appearance and buttons for all actions, which can be switched to minimized form to make it non-intrusive.


  • You can draw over any running tool
  • Take screenshots
  • Doesn’t bring you an option to take snapshots of certain screen areas
  • Some features can’t be tested for free
  • You can define various shortcut keys
  • Undo as many actions as you like
  • Exports screenshots to only one image format (PNG)
  • Doesn’t slow down other running tools
  • Lightweight program has no real performance impact, is very responsive and the pressure sensitivity is a bonus.
  • FIVE STARS !!!-I’ve been looking for a long time for a simple screen drawing tool, and one that would also work on my attached external monitors. Kuds to the developers! Thanks for creating this simply elegant tool.
  • I just installed it 20 minutes ago, and I’m so excited, I just had to write a review. I have not found any yet.
  • You have to install it. An .exe you dont have to install would be nice but it seems to receive auto updates so the install maybe makes sense for that.
Epic Pen full download

Keyboard shortcuts are supported for toggling Epic Pen 3.9.116 patched's visibility, selecting the cursor, pen, highlighter and eraser, undoing actions, clearing the screen, taking snapshots, as well as for increasing the decreasing the stroke size. These hotkeys can be remapped to suit your preferences. Meanwhile, settings can be remembered for future sessions, or reset to default.

Evaluation and conclusion

It had minimal impact on the computer's performance in our tests, using low CPU and RAM. To conclude, Epic Pen 3.9.116 with keygen comes equipped with intuitive options for transforming your screen into a drawing board.

System Requirement:

  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Homepage: epic-pen.com
  • Author Tank Media
  • Last version 3.9.116

What’s new in last version:

Improvements to screenshot functionality
3 New tools for Pro (whiteboard, line tool and text tool)
6 New languages Supported
8 new vibrant colors added for Pro

Epic Pen 3.5.1 with serial keys

21 thoughts on “Epic Pen 3.9.116 registered

  1. The interface is simple points out the issues regarding registry, junk files, cache, and temp files, says exactly how many issues you have, is the cleaning urgency high or low. It’s very fast and I think whoever did this gave the user what they need without complicating things.

  2. Couldn’t open html links in my default browser (kept getting error messages). I have had to prevent it being my default email client because of this. No choice when it comes to changing notification sounds or pop-up templates.

  3. Sometimes I get very fustrated with this program because I really have no idea why it’s 22MB and why it uses so much RAM just to view a PDF file. Can’t even shut down the automatic update, so it annoys me a lot. I’ll stick with FoxIt Reader.

  4. After one of the (qresolve (paid ADR techs)) used a previously installed copy of Easeus Partition Master pro 6.5.1 to re-initialize/quick format the disk ADR (see summary).

  5. I tried to clone my internal drive to my USB drive. Although True Image went through all the motions and even reported success, nothing changed. After my experience with tech support, I’m thinking about asking them about that one as well, but it’s a feature I can live without. Everything else has worked flawlessly.

  6. Cannot get it to work anymore, and contacting their Customer Service was a futile endeavor. Told them I wasn’t very computer savvy, but their “Help” reply was still totally unusable.

  7. I paid the price, installed it, and it seemed to work fine. After 3-4 months I downloaded the software update the producer suggested me to use, and I could not start the program anymore. I installed, repaired again and again – nothing. I contacted the support: after a while they informed me that I have to pay to be assisted, because they help me for free only for one month after purchase. SO: I download unfunctional update, waste my time and after they want me to pay to get it repaired. Strange policy! Is it normal according the US laws?

  8. used DVD cloner 8. Skips back to the start. DVD starts; the main film missing the first minute. unable to fast forward or reverse properly; The “don’t copy adverts” feature doesn’t work at all. Poor quality images, missing parts.

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  10. I can’t get it to erase the recycle bin in Windows 7. Can’t figure out how to get it to erase free space either.

  11. Doesn’t transfer well to web-hosting organizations.
    May look good in Artisteer, but it won’t when you transfer it.
    Tried several web-hosting companies and it didn’t work with any of them well.

  12. Very disappointed when i play the disc in my DVD player and it freezes at every chapter

  13. Well the lack of many classic songs… But thats not Rhapsody’s fault.. the blame is with the RIAA and their lawyers… and thanks especially to Lars Ulrich, way to go bone-head.. you guys are pathetic and extremely lame.

  14. This is the worst program Acronis could roll out.
    It is so buggy that you wish to have a crash.
    A computer crash is way much better than this.
    ATIHE12 stays there…hanging…and does nothing.
    Online storage is so unpredictable that you do not even know if you can rely on it.
    Right now the server is out for god knows what reason.

  15. Nothing absolutely nothing i love this product and it’s so much easier to use then any other program out there.

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