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As its name says, Fly on Desktop 1.5 registered does nothing else but puts flies on your desktop. The thing is that it simulates the appearance and the behavior of the flies in a truly impressive, realistic manner, so you won’t be able to tell the difference between a real fly that landed on your monitor and the ones generated by this program. Fly on Desktop 1.5 Full Version license Key is a really lightweight and neat tool that won’t consume any system resources. It also comes with handy options. For example, it lets you change the number of flies on the screen. You can add 5 flies at once with a single click. You can also define the number of flies that appear when you start the program. Setting the program to run automatically at system startup is also possible.

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The lightweight application has a minimal impact on system performance, running on a very low quantity of CPU and RAM. It works smoothly and doesn't cause the operating system to hang, crash or pop up error dialogs; we have not come across any issues throughout our evaluation. All in all, Fly on Desktop 1.5 Full Version license code is a fun utility for playing pranks on your friends and, thanks to its overall simplicity, it can be set up by all types of users. A simple-to-use application that places flies on your desktop and mimics their behavior, that can be set up by all types of users It simulates the behaviour and the appearance of a real fly on your desktop

Fly on Desktop full version crack is a fun tool for Windows that places flies on your desktop and mimics their behavior. It is possible to launch as many flies as you want. The setup procedure is brief and uneventful, and does not require special attention. Once initialized, Fly on Desktop 1.5 Full Version Activator launches five flies on the screen and creates an icon in the system tray area, where you can access the control panel and make adjustments. You can enable the flies to move away from the cursor, make them stay on top of other applications, as well as ask Fly on Desktop 1.5 full download to automatically run at startup and set the number of flies to start with. From the right-click menu you can add one or five flies at a time.


  • Neat and lightweight
  • Can’t think of any
  • The simulated flies are fully realistic representations of true flies
  • Adding or removing flies can be done with ease
Fly on Desktop Full Crack

As you can see, this free application represents a great manner to prank some friends or coworkers into thinking that their desktops got infested with flies. The program doesn’t have any specific purpose, but it is really funny and it may help you to spend your free time with some entertainment. Download Fly on Desktop 1.5 For Windows Download – A simple-to-use application that places flies on your desktop and mimics their behavior, that can be set up by all types of users

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

New option: Fly away from the cursor.
You can put on the desktop from 1 to 99 flies.
Icon in tray

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  1. Does not even starts. Tried more than 5 times for nearly 4 hours. It took ages to download the installation file (in my MacBook). After downloading it will ask you to “Sign In” that will never happen. Never expected that from ADOBE at-least!

  2. I’ve experience severals times unsuccessful download with the Adobe Download Manager. I thought it was only my PC but heck! almost every PC I touch having the same problem. I got 3 PC at home and 7 PC at workplace. All having the same problem downloading it. What is Adobe’s been doing with their Download Manager? Implanting a Spyware? Stick with an old version 6.

  3. All is well ……just one thing should be there in controlling the download/upload bandwith setting it should be reduced to 1 kbps than the usual limit of 4 kbps.

  4. -Website generator uses javascript over CSS and DIV for positioning and some other things. Instead of just for layer popups.

    -Bad font handling for web generator

    -Uses undocumented(except for obscure references on a 3rd party forum) layer properties that you have to manually type in layer name fields.

    -The 3rd party forum, the only feedback medium, has negative responses to pretty much all feature requests and support questions through their board.. The actual company never seems to go there.

    -They don’t seem interested in keeping up with technologies and trends. Like web 2.0 placeholder templates etc..

    They instead say it’s not supported, and if you don’t like it use something else(not far off from this attitude).

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