8 thoughts on “Free Instagram Downloader Activation Code

  1. I downloaded the FREE INSTAGRAM DOWNLOADER and it was great, so I purchased it ($9.95) and now it doesn’t work at all – It tells me that users don’t have any photos on Instagram (untrue) or that they are private (untrue) or that they aren’t an Instagram member (also untrue). I have sent e-mails to IWESOFT.COM about six times with NO response from them. I have been DUPED. I am IRRITATED. Any suggestions?!

  2. There are a couple flaws, like slow importing, but I was dealing with about 25 GB of pictures. This is the best program whether your are an amateur or professional photographer.

  3. I recently purchased the Daily Health Check utility after getting a written assurance from the Avangate Support team that it could be used on any number of PCs. Later I discovered that it works on only one PC, i.e. additional licences have to be purchased if you wish to use it on more than one PC. This is clearly a breach of trust as I was told otherwise before purchasing.

  4. low graphics, wont respond back to you until 2 -3 days,f*cks up when you try to widget a wordpress from the admin panel

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