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– Supported from Windows Vista up to Windows 10 – The program is freeware and available in the following languages: English, Bulgarian, German, Italian, Russian and Vietnamese – Touch screen gestures support for zoom in/out and for next/previous picture – View image location in Google Map – View & Edit picture files of type: jpeg, bmp, gif, tiff (multi-page), png, pcx and emf – Save As Pdf command – Jpeg lossless rotate and crop FreeVimager 9.9.5 Full Version Serial Key – Full-screen multi-monitor support: switch form one monitor to another through context menu or TAB key – The executable only version stores the settings to a INI file in the same directory – Unicode support: Open, Edit, Batch Process or Batch Rename your files named in Russian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese… – All metadata (EXIF, IPTC, XMP, ICC, …) are kept when editing and saving images – EXIF date / time adjustment in batch mode (it's a lossless adjustment) – IPTC & XMP single file / batch editing support for jpeg and tiff files (it's a lossless edit) – Batch Processing – Print Preview with image positioning by dragging – Size optimized Email sending of images – Well known editing features like: rotate, crop, resize, sharpen, … – Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue adjustment with fullsize preview – Live configurable Redeye removal tool – Twain Scan multiple pages to tiff and pdf (possibility to Email directly)

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The video player allows you to synchronize the audio and video of your video recordings. This unique feature of the program is really easy to access. The program also offers a video joiner that can merge any number of AVI videos without the need of any other external tool. Support for TWAIN devices allows you to import videos and images directly from scanners and cameras. Shortly, the program is an interesting image editor, with conversion and optimization utilities, and some very unique features that you may like to try. Besides, it is a free tool. Check out your photos and edit them if necessary, once you download FreeVimager 9.9.5 serial keys free of charge. FreeVimager Full Version Serial Key is an image viewer with additional functions

View and edit images by cropping, resizing or rotating them, even converting them to other formats, with the help of this handy program Furthermore, you can rotate, resize and crop images, add borders, apply effects (e.g. grayscale, brightness, contrast, red eye), convert colors, configure JPEG settings (e.g. add EXIF thumbnail), use the undo and redo functions, as well as rename pictures or convert them to PDF documents.


  • Built-in image optimizer, converter, editor, and slideshow creator
  • Easy to use
  • None
  • None whatsoever.
  • Actually the video viewing is better, No longer sluggish when i go to full screen mod. I love this program because i need to take still image photos out of video, Often and this program does this wonderfully.
  • This software is so complicated that a rock could not make it work. While reading the instructions, they made as much sense as “Your car will not run if your refrigerate door is open. Confusing? That is exactly the point I want to make. I could not find how to edit, or how to re-size which is the main reason fro which it was purchased. I also regret buying it because it came without a warranty Whom do I contact to get a refund? That procedure is most well hidden from the end user. Why do companies like the one who owns FreeVimager avoid refunds as if they were the deadliest contagion? The spell checker from Google can not find FreeVimager and one would have to agree that Google is a rather powerful search engine. Would you not agree? It is also very difficult to find a submit button on cnet. Could there be a possibility or even a probability of making a one star submission more difficult? And I see coming up is another huge task. That would be summing this all up in ten characters.
  • I Do not however like that it opens my pictures, Even after i told it only to open my movie or video files. It still brings up my images, when i go to print. I still have to figure out how to fix this.
  • None I know
FreeVimager full

View and edit photos, while maintaining its metadata information FreeVimager 9.9.5 Full Version license code is a compact image- and video editing tool with a very simple user-interface. It can help you to edit your images, resize them, take snapshots of your videos, and a lot more. The program allows you to import any JPG, BMP, GIF, TGA, TIFF or PNG image file, as well as any AVI or DivX video file for playback or editing purposes.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

Showing the full path in titlebar
File/directory dialogs open now the folder of the active image
Fixed statusbar for high dpi devices
Supporting high DPI aware NSIS 3 (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)
Bottom toolbar color popup must not cover its own button
Increased a security check limit which prevented loading big .png images
Better support for high contrast themes
Support for .jfif graphics files
Updated installer with an improved closing logic for multiple running instances of FreeVimager

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44 thoughts on “FreeVimager 9.9.5 serials

  1. A very odd program. It needs your activation number and says it’s in your documentation, but there’s none supplied. It asks for an account to be made, but no activation code appears there either. And even when told of a music folder, nothing is shown – no back button, nothing. It needs work, it really does.

  2. Normal installation would install a toolbar and set browser settings with no warning. Use a Custom install to avoid them.

  3. We switched from our current backup provider mainly because of lack of service and seeing the many positive reviews on Internet we hoped Acronis would be better. Unfortunately, we were wrong, and so were the reviews we found on the internet. Software not functional + no support (only pay per incident with very slow support). The software was installed on a basic, completely updated windows xp system and gives an internal error that can not be found in the KB, new install = no effect, error for all types of backup (0x001703E9). We have never generated a successfully backup until this day. Naturally, we will not pay extra for service if a product has never worked and generates internal errors, not to mention functions extremely slow. 149 euros gone… DO NOT BUY THIS. / is MUCH better and the support is included and very good.

  4. I could not fully import all my quicken accounts. In particular it had a hard time with stocks in brokerage accounts.

  5. I dont even understand how to use this game because there is no help button or tutorial, they just expect that your a pro and know how to use this sort of software. I suggest the maker makes a tutorial that starts the first time you use this software if he wants people to use it. At the moment i think this game isn’t worth downloading and is complete and utter ****

  6. It can be irritating in terms of clicking and double clicking and accidently finding yourself in the wrong screens. It also can become incredibly cluttered.

  7. READ the user agreement – this “update” gives you embeded scripted ad content, collect data, stores third party content on your hard drive, and other you probably aren’t expected in an “upgrade”. Looks more like a Trojan Horse, in the original sense,

  8. Bloated. Hard to install. Slow to open. Slow to function. Caused havoc with my Whatsapp app. Uninstaller does not work. Had to delete the files manually.

  9. was able to retreive files maybe not deleted by eraser but on the harddisk nontheless all 20000…..was able to see thumbnails of jpgs and all… waste of time

  10. Our built-in check for viruses at Software Informer showed that the program is clean. Kindly specify the antivirus you make use of.

  11. The automatic sweeping and scanning can hit you hard when you are in the middle of something and can take your computer system longer to start up if automatic scanning on startup is activated.

  12. Does not suppress standby mode in Windows 7, not even when you’ve chosen “Shut down after completion”, which makes no sense at all. Have to manually switch off standby mode every time I backup my partitions. Also, you cannot tell the program to do several backups, so it’s not possible to backup the system drive and another HDD after one another during the night.

  13. I had problem-related to making my own music collection. Perhaps I had no choice of software but now I can download thousands of HD video quickly with Akick HD video downloader. I thank them a lot for this marvelous tool.

  14. When importing WordPerfect docs with complicated tab sets, small errors occurred as in every other program I have tried. They were easy to fix.

  15. Could not download my data from Discover Card and TD Waterhouse. I contacted via email to tech support and got a vague answer:”Just download any file, AceMoney will import it.” Which is NOT True. I contacted them again and want them to either show me how it can be done or refund my $30.00 money back.

  16. Many. Files dont show up on PS3 even after a full restart of the entire network still only a few managed to make it to the library and then they dont even work..even though its supposed to transcode on the fly. Even if they all would of came up. Streaming doesnt function as advertised, no transcoding ect

  17. Only shows video card temp, and the rest of the temps are blank.
    (Intel DH67BL MBO, and Intel i5-2500cpu).

    SIV didn’t work either, but I Finally found a freebie that did (see Summary)!

  18. The only problem is that being a retire person with no more source of income I can’t upgrade.

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