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Download GonVisor 2.55 reg keys – An image viewer for a wide range of formats that can also work with archives, enabling you to watch slideshows in an easy manner GonVisor 2.55.01 Full Version serial code is an effective solution for viewing images and resizing them, which can also serve the purpose of an e-book reader. It can be utilized for reading magazines, comics, and other similar things. It provides the user with the luxury of grouping infinite number of sorted pictures in a file and even password protect to assure security.

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The interface of the tool is plain and simple. You can import a file by using the file browser or the “drag and drop” method. So, you can open an image, a list or a folder with images, open folders recursively, open images from a PDF document, create CBRs or CBZs with images loaded, extract images from a folder, and more. Furthermore, you can go to the next or previous image, enable an automatic slideshow, switch to full screen mode, view image previews and enable double-page view. Additionally, you can zoom in and out, use a magnifier, automatically improve colors, set the image transition, rotate the picture, as well as fit its width and height. Moreover, you can change the interface language, main screen style and backcolor, manage the control bar, use keyboard shortcuts, configure the mouse buttons, set file associations, and others. The program takes up a very low amount of system resources and didn't cause us any issues during our tests. Although there is no help file available, GonVisor Full Version Free Crack can be easily used, even by beginners.

The program has a special feature known as boss key. It allows the user to open or en-queue a wide range of files such as cbz files, rar files, Images, cbr, or zip files. GonVisor 2.55.01 Activation Key even facilitates the user to let Windows open .png, .jpeg, .tif , static gif, .cba, .bmp or ace files by associating them with itself and then performing a drag and drop operation. It also has a past record of the latest data, which can however be deleted by the user easily any moment. It has customization options such as being on top of the rest of program windows.


  • Groups the pictures in only one file
  • Multipurpose operation and great features
  • None that I can remember.
  • Its image enhancement is limited, it is not a photoshop.
  • Fast.Small disk size.It opens CBR, CBZ and PDF files with some special features as image enhancement, double page and transition effects (power point style).
  • I deleted this right away after I found it didn’t help me, so it’s hard to remember the features, but if I recall, I don’t think this program allowed me to flip pages by arrow. I just wanted something that could do that one simple thing so I could read manga easily, and this didn’t do it.
  • Interface is a bit simple
GonVisor full version

We can do so with an image viewer or editor, but if we want to enjoy a pleasant reading experience we need something else. This is exactly what GonVisor 2.55.01 Activation Code has to offer, a comic, magazine and eBook reader, suitable for all sorts of images, with a recreation that allows us to browse the image files as if we were turning pages of a book. GonVisor 2.55 full version serial keys can read both a sequence of images as well as creating and reading files that contain images (CBR and CBZ), which are usually used for eBooks and eComics. It can also directly read files compressed in RAR or ZIP, and it supports JPG, BMP and GIF. Its main advantage with regard to similar tools is that as well as all the latter, it can also read PDF documents. Unfortunately, it doesn’t read other specific eBook formats, but it’s enough to access a large amount of the literature that can be currently found on the Internet.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

Fixed full screen crash for windows 10 in tablet mode.
Improved again stability with large files in old windows versions or 32bit.
Minor fixes in some dialogs.
Fixed some minor bugs.
Refresh automatically loaded single images when files are modified.
Support cbt files using 7zip.exe
Changed strange behaviour with large images, aspect ratio was not preserved.
Improved stability with large files in old windows versions.
Rar.exe and 7zip.exe is searched in default installation paths before asking to user.
Adapt shortkeys custom dialog for little screen resolutions.
Read *webp images (single images and images inside cb* files).
Extract images and create cbr/cbz files converting to .webp format.
Improved performace of colour improvement with smooth and normalization activated.
Zoom in images shown in preview images dialog when mouse is on.

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  1. Could not get it to work on Firefox.
    Had to use Internet Explorer 8 32 bit version.
    After trying to download from 3 different sites, finally found one that worked.

  2. Does not have all that audacity offers but if you aren’t a pro looking for more effects and controls then this is the one to download.

  3. can not fix most of the files. simply counter goes on rolling and after that you are back where you were. it also very unstable and very confusing interface .

  4. Would like to have ability to view image or file that is duplicated before deciding whether to delete

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  6. Upon first run, it froze on the first screen, even the task manager had a very hard time closing it and getting my desktop back. Why do people bother to make programs that don’t work?

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