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A feature-rich audio program developed for a wide range of sound tasks such as: converting CDs, tapes, DVDs, live performances, TV sounds, Internet radio Hanso Recorder For Windows 10 Download is a program which allows you to record sounds Hanso Recorder 2.1 Full Version keygen is a feature-rich audio program developed for a wide range of sound tasks such as: converting CDs, tapes, DVDs, live performances, TV sounds, Internet radio, video games and any other sound source into audio files you can easily save on your computer. The software’s capabilities also integrate text-to-speech conversion that uses natural voices allowing you to listen to your documents while not around your computer.

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The program also comes with a nice tool to transform any text introduced in the screen into spoken words. There is a 'text to speak' button that will convert into sounds anything you write in text. A female voice will pronounce every word you type. It is very easy to record sounds with this program. All you have to do is select the device you want to record with and then hit the 'rec' button. The program can be set to detect silence and pause the recording when everything's gone silent. It is compatible with most of Windows versions, including Windows 7.

Hanso Recorder 2.1 Full Version license Key is a complete and powerful application that allows you to record audio files among other things. With it, you can record live TV shows, radio from Internet, someone singing or talking through your microphone, yourself playing an instrument, a movie conversation and many more things. Actually, you can record anything that you can listen to on your computer. The program lets you set the audio format to record your files. You can choose MP3, WMA, OGG, VOX, AU and AIFF. You can also set the sample rate and the audio channel. At the bottom of the program's main window you can set the output destination and name the file. The volume can be set as well.


  • It supports Mp3, WMA, OGG, VOX, AU, AIFF as output formats
  • It’s free
  • It doesn’t have any disadvantages
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Hanso Recorder 2.1 full version setup is a feature-rich audio program developed for a wide range of sound tasks such as:… Moreover, by using the ‘Scheduler’ option you can automate your recording actions with ease. This way, you can save your favorite TV shows even when you are not at your PC. Also, a list with all the available scheduled tasks is displayed in the proper section of the ‘Scheduler’ window. All in all, Hanso Recorder 2.1 full setup proves to be a reliable utility that makes handling any audio task easier than before. It is a flexible solution for users who want to record any digital sound from PC.

System Requirement:

  • Microphone
  • NET Framework 3.5
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP
  • Homepage: www.hansotools.com
  • Author HansoTools
  • Last version 2.1

How can I record the sound from speakers (not from the microphone)?

The icon of the software confused you. It can actually record the sounds on your computer in a very few steps. However, you need to use the application in Windows XP, because Vista and 7 are not supported. The software installs fine, but it has problems detecting the soundcard.

What’s new in last version:

Database problems solved.
Performance improvements.
Tag database updates. Crash fixes.
Sound filtering enhancements.
Major updates for interface and functionality.
Text-to-speech improvements.
Interface improvements
Performance enhancements
Minor Win7 bug fixed

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  1. Like it a lot. I have been a long time user and this version doesn’t dissapoint, very good recorder.

  2. Installer tried to install different unwanted toolbars and unwanted software on my computer. Splitter program is a demo version that does not do much. Always prompts to upgrade to the paid version. Do not waste your time on this application.

  3. Lite version does only have 1 account. But if you’re like me, you don’t need to track much more than that.

  4. Indian Tech support, has froze up running 1 click system scan and doing disk check on restart with no way to cancel process and restart windows.

  5. It would be helpful to have a more detailed description of the properties of the original file, and to have parameter guides/limits when converting to various formats.

  6. This has been fixed in the new version (11.3.300.262 – released on June 22nd). Also, if you’re using Firefox, there is a patch (Firefox 13.0.1) that addresses incompatibility issues with Flash.

  7. It let’s me know if I will be in the + or – in the future.
    Difficult to figure out how to use (Debit is money coming in, Credit is out)
    The columns at the bottoms don’t give you a $ amount.

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