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Test the performance of your computer components like CPU, RAM, read and write speed with the help of this intuitive, practical application HeavyLoad full has been designed to test a computer’s resistance to extreme operational conditions, such as intense CPU and RAM usage. Knowing how much your machine can resist is useful to avoid server crashes or to make sure your personal computer will not overheat. This can also be used to predict the behavior of systems when they are low on resources.

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The program is really easy to use. When system is not subject to stresses, it shows a graph of CPU and physical memory usage, just like Windows Task Manager. The difference becomes apparent when you launch the stress test; as you will soon realize, the graph lines go up until reaching almost 100%. In addition to CPU and RAM, you can also ask the program to test the behavior of free disk space and GPU. Luckily, my system endured the test without problem. However, I was kind of afraid it could overheat and I wished there had been a CPU temperature display somewhere on the screen. This application allows some customization, such as number of CPU cores to test, thread priority and memory allocation speed. You can also set the number of minutes you wish to run the test or choose to stop it manually.

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The application is easy to use and its main interface displays charts that describe the CPU usage, the disk free space, the available memory and the frames-per-second rate, enabling you to view the evolution of these indicators before and during the simulation, in real-time. You can set the application to perform the tests continuously or end them automatically after a predefined time. The process can be paused whenever you want and you can select the time interval to update the statistics charts.


  • Difficult to distinguish between testing options
  • It is free
  • Simple interface
  • It leaves traces of its activity that should be taken care of manually
  • Multiple testing options
HeavyLoad activator

The individual test methods employed by HeavyLoad For Windows 10 Download can be customized to fit your needs. Can stress test CPU, hard disk, memory and GPU. As its name implies, HeavyLoad Full Version Registration Code is a system stress tool that enables you to view how the computer behaves when faced with scarce memory, low disk space and high GPU or CPU usage. It comes in handy for testing the reliability of database servers and the performance of any PC.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

An occasional floating point overflow in graphic drivers was fixed.
Limiting the available memory to more than 2GB was ignored previously. This is fixed now.
Please note: Windows XP and Server 2003 are no longer supported.
Bugfix: The test method "Stress GPU" was unable to load textures to produce GPU utilization with current OpenGL drivers. The component used to produce the textures has been updated.
Bugfix: Under Windows 10 individual CPU cores could not be utilized separately. This error has been fixed. The load threads allocated now explicitly individual CPU cores.
Bugfix: The base load of HeavyLoad (when running without active tests) could be reduced to less than 5%. The load was caused by the calculation of real free memory in the StatusBar.

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  1. All functions would not work with windows xp. Customer support wants $29.00 for phone support. Web chat sent me a 2 page list of computer figuration to find and send back to them.

  2. When I tried to download this program, our firewall blocked it and reported, “Gateway Anti-Virus Alert: Delf.MHT_2 (Trojan) blocked.”

  3. The choice of colors, fonts, and menu foreground/background contrast is horrible! Very difficult to look at this app for any length of time, causes visual fatigue. It’s really a shame they couldn’t offer a few different themes/skins… poor design decision.

  4. It takes so long to convert it, and it’s not even free! You have buy and register the product.

  5. The game is much much better than the prvious versions. It has incredible graphics but the problem is think is the game has vvveeeeerrryyyy high system requirements. i play that game with a GTS 250 with all the quality and get only around 85.4 frames per second.

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