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After all, they are all based on mIRC. There are many things that this application has that mIRC doesn't. For starters, you get a lot of options that let you do a lot of things. You can carry out pings, whois and similar requests by simply pressing a button. There are a bunch of sounds included in the release of IceChat full version patch. You are given the chance to create your own menus, pop-ups, and scripts, which gives you a lot of freedom. However, all of that can be done on the simple mIRC client. The application has been around since the year 2000 and is supported by most Windows platforms, including Vista.

IceChat portable

Although there isn't much that this application offers that you can't do with mIRC, it includes a bunch of features that you would have to write on your own, saving you a bunch of time. Chat with people from all over the world and connect to multiple channels with the help of this streamlined and customizable IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client IceChat 9.50 with keygen is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for Windows

IceChat For Pc Free Download is an IRC client that enables you to connect to multiple servers at once, in order to talk to people from all over the world. Once you have initiated the application with the clean interface, you can set your nickname and select a particular server to connect to. So, you have a list of favorite servers displayed, but you can delete, edit them or add new ones. Also, you can create a list of favorite channels to join, as well as edit your buddy list. Additionally, you can select actions specific to an IRC client, such as op or de-op the selected nickname, voice or de-voice, ban, display info, half-op or de-half-op, open a private window with a specific user, kick or view whois information.


  • None
  • Lots of features that are not available in other applications
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IceChat For Windows 10 Download is a fully featured, simple to use IRC Client allowing you to chat online with your friends… Furthermore, you can use a color picker and view a list of available emoticons, configure the colors and fonts for the current theme, start a DCC chat session, set your status to "away", change nick colors, send files to users, as well as select the interface language. But you can also search for channels and networks, minimize IceChat 9.50 with keygen to tray, use an editor for aliases, popup menus, scripts, variables and user levels, as well as configure program settings (e.g. timestamp events, virus scanner command line, auto away, sound events, flood prevention). The program uses a very low amount of system resources and includes a comprehensive help file which revolves around IRC commands. We haven't come across any problems during our tests. IceChat Full Version Activator may not offer a never-seen-before solution when it comes to using an IRC client, but the interface is completely customizable. We strongly recommend this tool to all users.

System Requirement:

  • Pentium 500
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Windows All
  • Homepage:
  • Author IceChat Networks
  • Last version 9.50

What’s new in last version:

Added $calc() for allowing basic math functions
Fix File Open Dialog not working for some Windows 10 Builds
Last connected server in DNS Pool remembered
Have invalid item in ignore list not break the messages
Update xbuild to msbuild in
Fix double click error in Welcome Tab
Fix Windows 10 Issue with Scrolling Windows
No longer need to set 'Scroll inactive windows when I hover them' to off
Added /ignore -r Nick command to remove from Ignore List, not disable
IceChat 9.21 has been released. A few minor fixes and the ability to search for nicks in the nicklist starting with typed character. You can read the full change log for all the updates.
Add solution for AutoAway message spamming, will only send once every 30 mins now
Reverse Ctrl-Pgup and Ctrl-PgDn keys to go in proper order
Minor interface updates
Removed Advanced Settings option in Server Editor, show all by default

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8 thoughts on “IceChat 9.50 full version serial keys

  1. It crashes several times a day, when you go to play videos in articles, it produces a privacy-invading nag window that just won’t go away. Did I mention it crashes several times a day?

  2. Slow startup with little support to extension itself, but if the filters are added and upgraded timely, it does wonders!

  3. Would always fail to convert files right in the middle and instead of aborting and finishing whatever it successfully did, it just fails the whole DVD.

  4. – Only handles a very limited number of files in one job- EVEN THE PAID PRO VERSION
    – Software decides (usage analysis) by itself if you should pay for it.
    – The free version will refuse to operate if it decides you should pay for it.

  5. As others have stated, this is probably the most buggy and unstable piece of software you will ever come across. I have uninstalled and installed the application at least a dozen times; sometimes it crashes before it even opens and other times it seems to work okay until an update is downloaded. If you ever get this program to work, either never download the free updates or just ditch it altogether and get something else.

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