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JaBack 8.0 Full Version Serial Key

Composed in a simple graphical interface, this application requires no programming or scripting skills. With an amazing capability to perform more than 1000 tasks per day this tool comprises features like: specify automatic backup schedule for all your vital data, files and folders; creates the most secured back-ups in standard ZIP formats on your hard disks, with the restoring capability by means of any zip software; easily transfer your backup files via ftp or email.

JaBack Full Version Serial Key

JaBack Full Version portable is a tool to create backup. Download JaBack 8.0 Full Version Activation Code free of charge and protect your files. create backups of your files on your hard drive with Jback JaBack 8.0 registered is a standalone tool that will accomplish the task of making reliable backups of your vital data. This reliable tool is perfectly designed to quickly create backups, synchronize your files, and archive your tasks in the smartest way.

JaBack 8.0 Full Version portable is an application especially designed to help you avoid losing time on tedious backup tasks by automating them. With it you are able to create and run multiple tasks as single instances or combine them in order to obtain complex sequences.

Comprehensive interface

JaBack 8.0 serial code displays a user-friendly interface which enables you to easily and quickly create task folders as well tasks and sequences. Everything you need in order to automate work is available either in plain sight or adequately presented in menus and windows.


  • Can perform more than 1000 tasks per day
  • Scheduler support
  • Supports only English language
  • Creates back-ups in standard ZIP formats
  • Easily transfers your backup files via ftp or emails
  • Quickly creates backups, synchronizes your files, and archives your tasks in the smartest way
  • It allows ‘copy’ as opposed to a proprietary backup; you can select folders (with subfolders); you can create multiple ‘tasks’ – each task is one backup job, which is always a folder at the highest level; you can then chain these tasks
  • Cannot select multiple folders; need to select the higher level folder; it does not see all folders, for example the default Outlook home for .pst files – I now need to move my pst files to a folder under My Docs to back them up.
  • thanks.
JaBack portable

But once we got to the file monitor configuration window, we found its configuration options vague. For example, we weren’t sure what to enter for the Directory field. It was only after we paid a visit to the Help menu that we figured out that is was for the source files. Then we had to enter a file name, which again required a visit to the Help menu. As it turns out, we had to enter either System 1 or System 2 in field. Eventually, we were able to create a backup task, but creating an ongoing backup schedule required just as many visits to the Help menu. JaBack 8.0 keys is a free program, but it doesn’t hold a candle to some of the other free backup programs we’ve come across. We recommend that you skip this one and look for a backup program with easier navigation.

System Requirement:

What’s new in last version:

Barebones release of version 11. New features/tasks will be added in 11.01-11.09.
Version 11 now uses Java 8 (version 10 used java 6)
FTP module now uses Commons .NET library version 3.3
FTP-J module now uses JScape FTP library version 9.2.1
SFTP module now uses Maverick SSH library version 1.6.8
SFTP-J module now uses JScape SSH/SFTP library version 9.2.1
Fixed Password Manager bug. While editing passwords, the encrypted passwords were displayed instead of password itself.
Directory Loop task – Added new variable ::CurrentDirectoryName
Variable Extract task – Added new variable ::ValueLast
Schedule Table – Schedule comments were cleared out if schedule was edited and re-saved.
Schedule bug – Schedule could not be renamed to a title if that title or folder existed in tasks directory.
FTP and SFTP browsers – fixed bug where log/debug area could not be dragged and expanded past the vertical toolbars.

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