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JkDefragGUI 1.17 pre-Activated

A Graphical User Interface for JkDefrag, a disk defragmentation tool Can defrag and clean your hard disk. The program uses a high amount of resources when it is running a task, includes a complete help file and finishes a defragmenting job in a reasonable amount of time. Download JkDefragGUI 1.17 Activation Code – Can defrag and clean your hard disk. The program uses a high amount of resources when it is running a task, includes a complete help file and finishes a defragmenting job in a reasonable amount of time.

JkDefragGUI pre-Activated Free Download

However, this program has one important drawback. It is not a standalone program. It not only needs JKDefrag, but also other two programs are needed: PageDefrag from Sysinternals and NTREGOPT from Lars Hederer. Anyways, the installation program offers you the possibility to automatically download and install both programs. This program is distributed as a Freeware program. You can also download a complete help and documentation pdf file that will help you while configuring your system. JkDefragGUI 1.17 full version crack by Emiel Wieldraaijer is available in several languages (which are included in a single multilingual download file). The program was designed for Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista.

JkDefragGUI 1.17 full version setup was developed as an aid for JKDefrag (the well known freeware disk defrag tool). This GUI (Graphical User Interface) for JKDefrag program gives you the ability to seamlessly configure all the options included on the original program through a graphical interface, without the hassle of having to do so via the command line or a MSDOS window. The program easily lets you set up the screensaver mode and defrag specific system files. As its name says, its interface is very well organized and easy to use, showing an intuitive and innovative design. One of its most remarkable features is that it allows you to establish scheduled scanning and defragmentation. This way you can set it up to perform these heavy tasks while your computer is not being used by you.


  • User friendly GUI, seamless configuration, allows schedulling, freeware, multilingual
  • Not standalone
JkDefragGUI license code

JkDefragGUI 1.17 Full Crack is an application that allows you to perform a defragmenting task on your hard drive. JkDefragGUI Full Version license code is actually portable and you can place it on an external device and run it on any computer. The user interface is easy to navigate through. In the "General" tab you can select an action (e.g. analyze only; analyze, defragment and fast optimization), set the debug level (e.g. warning messages, fatal errors), choose a disk, input speed, and free space, and run the task. Once you have initiated a task, you can view the current phase (e.g. analyze, defragment), action and file path, as well as completed percentage.

System Requirement:

  • A minimum of 8 MB of disk space
  • Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP, Windows 2K
  • Homepage: www.wieldraaijer.nl
  • Author Emiel Wieldraaijer
  • Last version 1.17

What’s new in last version:

Changes :
Added Belarusan translation
Small GUI improvements
Added Norwegian translation
Added MUI Support
Fixed email problem with Windows Live Mail
Fixed redownload issue when run from U3
Fixed Update error caused by CCleaner version check (JkDefragGUI 1.14)
Updated CCleaner download location
Fixed error caused by update on start check
Fixed update not working
Updated Italian language
Added Windows 7 Uninstaller information "EstimatedSize"
Added Shutdown commands to the systemtray, can be changed while defragging
Reduced size
Disabled restarting when active language is selected again
Fixed JkDefragGUI closing before sound has finished
Fixed startup error in BartPe
Fixed settings not saved on exit when option selected and Cross in right corner is used
Improved Icon for Windows Vista and Windows 7

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  1. Not all the extension from firefox/chrome are supported.
    Setting is a little complex.

  2. Limited architectural models. How do you model the roof? maybe I have mised out on somrthing

  3. Whether it is a virus or not, we don’t like to install any unwanted software. It is installing without noticing and it is so annoying, that’s why it is marked as spybot by most of the people.

  4. Often the clips generated will not loop in popular players that provide this option. The trim tool gives very coarse control.

  5. I was looking for a specific solution – to be able to convert gotomeeting wmv files to something that could be used more universally. Perhaps a more universal wmv and also an mp4. The free version wouldn’t do the job so I emailed support and was directed to buy the professional version which I did. Unfortunately it didn’t do the job either. When I emailed again to complain I was referred to a page setting out instructions for going into DOS and doing the conversion there. As I pointed out, there was no point me paying $30 for the software so that I could do the conversion in DOS. And why would I want to do it that way anyway!

    I asked for a refund on the basis that the software did not meet my needs and was given the runaround, with no direct acknowledgement of my problems. I eventually downloaded microsoft encoder 4, and Free Studio, both of which are excellent and cost me nothing.

  6. Scary program!! try a lot of utilities, this is only one program that collaps my pc. Some function does not work, only crash my pc when kick it to start. Stay away!! get tuneup utilities instead

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