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A reliable and user-friendly karaoke player that supports playlists, multiple songs, dual-screen configurations and adjustable tempo KaraFun Player precracked offers a complete solution for home karaoke. This karaoke software is based on a powerful and evolutive 3D animation engine. KaraFun contains an easy-to-use editor which can import many existing karaoke songs. Even if it’s supporting KAR files (midi), it’s planned to work with digital files (MP3 for example) and it introduces the new KFN file format. KaraFun Player 2.6 crack allows you to play your own karaoke files as well as the songs of the KaraFun online karaoke catalog. The editor allows building unique and funny karaoke files.

KaraFun Player with keygen

The tool lets you control the way lyrics are shown on the screen. Luckily, it supports using two different screens, one to control the application and the other to show the lyrics. It is also possible to assign the desired preset and background to each song. Additionally, song playback can be modified in real time. For instance, you can change the pitch and the tempo. In addition, there are separate volume handles for general sound, vocals, and lead. Finally, it lets you record the singer’s voice as well.

Download KaraFun Player 2.6 Full Version Registered – A reliable and user-friendly karaoke player that supports playlists, multiple songs, dual-screen configurations and adjustable tempo KaraFun Player 2.6 Full Version key can let you sing the lyrics along with their musical background, what is widely known as karaoke. The tool has multiple modules, including lyrics and playlists. It supports various types of files commonly associated with karaoke, such as KAR, CDG, and KOK. It has even its own format, KFN, which can store metadata, lyrics, images and sound in a single file. Likewise, it allows playing other common audio and video file extensions. Moreover, you can create playlists by importing individual files and complete folders.


  • Fully customizable lyrics mode
  • Wide format support
  • Real-time playback modification
  • Paid access to online songs
  • Dual display mode
  • I can tell yet
  • If you have thousands of karaoke songs then you have to scroll just to find a song to play. There is no search filtering.
  • Although this program will play commercial CDGs directly, I find that it works even better from karaoke .ZIP files. Make sure you also download audiograbber. I use audiograbber’s “CD” function to “grab CDG tracks (Karaoke)” and “grab to .cdg + compressed”. That way, I can keep all my favorite karaoke tracks on my hard drive, and I keep them in Karafun’s playlist.
  • nothing!
  • I haven’t find any other karaoke player on the web that is better than this. Unlike other players, background graphics are not so boring while you are singing.
KaraFun Player serials

Display lyrics on multiple monitors

For better management, you are able to switch to a dual-screen display. This brings up a new window with a preview section you can place on a secondary monitor and keep the main window in the primary monitor to handle the playlist.

Several customization options

Playback can be adjusted from the main window. Key and tempo can be increased or decreased, and you can even adjust general volume, backing vocals or the lead singer. In addition, accessing the preferences menu gives you a little more customization options. The preview section can be set to display a synchronization bar, adjust lyrics, or set background brightness for a clearer view.

System Requirement:

  • DirectX 9.0c. Download the last update of DirectX…
  • Screen resolution of 800 x 600
  • Pentium 3 at 850 Mhz
  • 256mb RAM
  • Direct3D video card with 16mb RAM
  • Sound Card
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Homepage: www.karafun.com
  • Author RECISIO
  • Last version

How much does this service cost and once I have made a playlist of songs can I then transfer to my iPod to use when I’m singing elsewhere?

The software is available for downloading on multiple platforms including iOS. According to their offers page, the software is available for downloading but you actually need to buy a subscription in order to use it on the available platforms.
Here is page with the subscription info: https://www.karafun.com/subscribe.html
Note: A valid payment needs to be completed before you can actually buy the subscription.

On a PC running Windows Vista, I installed version 1.18 of KaraFun and created 250 working files. Then I bought a PC with Windows 7 and installed the latest version of KaraFun, but on this PC, the files I had created with the first PC did not open and also the KaraFun Editor wasn’t available. I then installed the old version 1.01b, so I got the editor, but this version does not open the files previously created with version 1.18. Is there an automatic way to open files with the extension KFN with KaraFun 1.01b on Windows 7 that I had created with KaraFun 1.18 on Windows Vista?

Unfortunately, there is no information about this subject neither on the official website nor on the Internet. You should be able to import files created with the previous versions of the product. It seems that the latest version of the product is 2.1. I suggest that you install and test that version. According to the developers, they fixed some bugs in this release.

What’s new in last version:

Another major step for KaraFun Player! Thanks to your feedback, we have identified a few minor bugs that are now solved! This version is much more stable and should make for smilin' singers and happy KJs 🙂
Lots! We have identified bugs under the hood that were affecting performances (namely Mutex and lock-free processes, but you don't want to hear about that). KaraFun should be more stable than ever and run like a cheetah!
Compiler bugfix
Deleting a local folder should not crash the app anymore.
Spotted! We have identified and solved the sneaky bug that caused your playlists to grow bigger and bigger. We've now sent this bug back to the North Pole, and you can download our quick-fix tool to remove duplicates from your playlists here: http://dl.recisio.com/m192v3g1e0. Merry Christmas!
'tis the season… of singing! KaraFun Player has been improved, and should take all the pesky bugs for a Sleigh ride.

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18 thoughts on “KaraFun Player full version

  1. This is a great program for just about any situation! With the right OS, it will even open .zip files. On the up side, I have not found a limit to the songs it will allow in the database. On the down side, it can be very slow to start. I wouldn’t let that be a deterrent to using it, though. It’s very easy to use, and you’ll be up and running in no time at all.

  2. I have enjoyed the use of this clock for several years since circa 2002 and it has been quite a handy tool.

  3. This “software” corrupted my windows registry in many points. First of all, i click in my mp3 files and Winamp doesn’t play anymore – if you think that reinstall of Winamp or association with .mp3 files is suficient (and i did that), read the rest. The sound drivers must be reinstalled, but i can’t do that. Why? This “program” corrupted the entire system and i can’t (re)install many things. Believe me, don’t download this “application”. It has be done by ‘children’ and i’m working seriously in tech support. I’d believe in 5 cnet stars, but now i’ll think more deeply about a software that receive this indication. Second of all, my computer don’t turn off without i push the off button. Third, in control panel, remove programs, i don’t seen a lot of installed applications, games, etc., like the Age of Mithology that i installed a few days ago. Fourth, many of my programs configurations had disappeared, for example, the Avast! antivirus tell me about the user key again; the RivaTurner software lost all of my configurations, etc. Resumed: this “software” is a joke, made by amateurs and i hope that you read these lines with attention and help someone.

  4. When installing fonts stops responding and must be killed. Font viewing and installing interface feels limited for the accessing the several thousand fonts I have.

  5. had to google many of the items that could be blocked on Turbo Boost to see what the consequence might be(probably my own ignorance) It would be nice to have a hoover blurb to clue me in on these.

  6. Would have gotten 5 stars if it could do time lapse still captures and capture more than one device at a time.

  7. Not entirely self-evident to set up for the casual user, neither is it indended for them.

  8. Worked fine the first time. It opened my default browser automatically. I closed program and browser. Then I opened Gramblr later, and it refused to open my default browser. It opens Internet Explorer which does not work and is not my default browser. I can’t find an ini file anywhere and nothing in the registry that allows manually configuring the browser it opens. Uninstalled, reinstalled, and it still opens IE instead of default browser.

  9. Lose the synch between video and audio after conversion, that’s a huge drawback since thesynch loss is very noticeably even when I left the process run in high priority and was the only task running on the PC.

  10. Used to be good until the latest upgrade; now it will only convert 8 minutes of a video … of what use is that?

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