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Logon Screen Rotator 4.4 Full Version Full Crack

Allows you to customize and rotate the background image of Windows logon screen Logon Screen Rotator 4.4 reg keys is a free application that will change the logon background image to an image of your choosing and also at a time you select. Current options include: each day, each logon and each computer lock. You may choose individual images or folders of images (which will be monitored by the application for changes) for the program to select random images from. If you only want to change the image manually, this is also possible.

Logon Screen Rotator Full Version license Key

Customize your PC’s home screen

The program’s configuration is actually rather simple because it will search in the folders where you usually store images, it will allow you to preview the result, and you will simply have to press to accept to be able to perform the changes. The application offers you the possibility to adjust how often it has to change the image (each day, each logon, each lock up), change to the default file with a simple click of the mouse or edit the size of the preview. If you want to provide the Windows logon screen with a personal touch, don’t think about it twice and download Logon Screen Rotator 4.4 Full Version Registration Code now! Logon Screen Rotator Full Crack is a free application that will change the logon background image to an image… Change the logon screen on each logon or whatever interval you choose Alternate between different images each time that you access the Windows start screen making it more appealing, download Logon Screen Rotator 4.4 precracked for free

Then you can move to the “Images” tab, which allows you to create your image collection. You can add and remove any number of image files in all the most popular formats, such as BMP, JPG, and PNG. Next is the “Folders” tab, which behaves similarly to the “Images” tab, except that the “Folders” tab allows you to create a folders list for the program to take the images from. Last tab is “Settings”, and this allows you to configure the general program’s behavior. Here you can select the change interval from the following values: none (manual change), at each logon, once a day, at each computer lock, and at computer lock and logon. You can also select the image display mode among stretched, stretched maintaining the aspect ratio, and center. Finally, you can also configure the program to take the images only from the selected folders or from their sub-folders also. In short, Logon Screen Rotator Full Version Serial Key is a lightweight, intuitive and easy-to-use app which allows you to change the background image of your Windows logon screen either manually or automatically at the specified interval.


  • Supports all popular image file formats
  • Poor visual design
  • Allows you to change the logon screen background either manually or automatically
  • Allows you to create an image collection for your background images
  • Easy to use
Logon Screen Rotator license Key

Download Logon Screen Rotator license Key – Change the logon screen on each logon or whatever interval you choose Logon Screen Rotator 4.4 full version with keygen download is a program that allows you to sequence the image that appears in the Windows logon screen so that it changes randomly so that you always find a different photograph when you start a session. It is another way of providing the system with certain customization, without actually having to apply any real changes to the system.

System Requirement:

  • NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  • Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista
  • Homepage: www.lukepaynesoftware.com
  • Author Luke Payne Software
  • Last version 4.4

What’s new in last version:

Fixed error "Unable to setup working file" for non-English Windows users.
Windows 8 support
Ability to stretch image while maintaining aspect ratio
Detailed error information not being given in some cases
Critical errors now logged in "error_log.txt"
Overall flow and layout of application has been simplified
Change image feature now moved to the inital tab
Automatic checking for updates
Changing image on the "each day" setting would not work in all cirumstances after 01-01-2012
Application will give more detailed reasons why it cannot use certain images
Various minor bug fixes
Image lists.
The ability to disable history.
A few bug fixes.

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  1. Doesn’t cover all possibilities, you still have to do some manual theming in PHP/CSS but what do you exepect from a package at this price.

  2. Amust Software will tell you this is free then you reach a 10 login limit and you need a premium code. You will be directed to their website and pay in good faith but they will not send you a valid premium code and will then use the excuse it is free. Avoid


  4. tried it in 2 computer systems: first as an update from v.1.3. blocked the system completely – could not load at the beginning – finally we removed it completely. second computer, installed as a new program, incomplete installation, we removed it but keeps trying to find it. i believe it’s the worst thing ashampoo ever created

  5. All 20 gigs of my data is gone! 20 GIGS! Not only that, getting it uploaded was a feat. It cut out over and over again, despite a very solid internet connection on my end. I had to restart it many times (lost count). Laughable tech support.

  6. I had Picozip under the 30day trial, when the trial expired, I wanted to remove it to keep my system clean. No matter what I tried, I could not get the product uninstalled. I email the company twice. They never responded at all, to this day (1 year later) I still have their icon in my sys tray and it does nothing. I’m pissed. screw them

  7. After a month the program quit imaging my profile’s data and began creating an impartial image. Customer service contacted me after I asked for help, but them abruptly gave up on me after one session. Try it, but don’t waste your money because you’ll be on your own.

  8. Huge minus is the Save option, I have about 15-20 different folders that I have all my fill-able PDF files and I like to save dates and other information as I enter them. I am not able to hit (CTRL-S) to automatically save in the same folder, it always asks me to save in a different folder. This wouldn’t be an issue if I had everything in one folder but that’s not the case for me.

  9. The new version installs into the PC. The previous version could be run by USB and didn’t require installation.

  10. Doesn’t *directly* help you create and manage budgets, if you want that sort of thing. However, seeing the numerous ways of breaking down and looking at your transactions will be immensely helpful in managing your finances better.

  11. import from thunderbird will screw you
    installs spyware
    not so advanced as thunderbird
    junk management is not good

  12. To the idiot who posted review below, maybe pal if you took time to read the instructions to enable ASPI or SPTI, you would have saved yourself a lot of bother. Also, there are no bugs in this software nor is it a RAM hog. OK, so it dont have whistles and bells, but its simple and functional.

  13. The annotation functionality was completely nonfunctional on my machine as built because, much as with their flagship Photoshop product, Adobe can’t be bothered to actually test their software on computers with case-sensitive boot volumes. Until they fix this mess, you can get it working by issuing the following commands:

    cd “/Applications/Adobe Reader.app/Contents/Built-in”
    ln -s WebLink.acroplugin Weblink.acroplugin
    cd “/Applications/Adobe Reader.app/Contents/MacOS/Preferences/”
    ln -s FeatureLockDown FeatureLockdown

    That said, if you have a choice, I’d suggest downgrading to an earlier version instead. Better yet, use a different PDF reader.

  14. Simple file explorer with various viewers and additional tools – player, size scanner, file search

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