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Lunascape 6.15.2 Full Version Free Crack

Overall, Lunascape full version with crack and keygen is a capable browser, albeit a tad cumbersome, and whilst it does have a few neat tricks up its sleeve, such as support for mouse gestures, Gecko add-on support and multi tabbed rows, it still seems like just another clone? With this in mind, Lunascape Full Version Full Crack may or may not be the browsing experience you are looking for.

  • Quick search with highlighted search.
  • Comfortable high-speed browsing.
  • Gecko add-on support.
  • Cascade view.
  • Versatile tab menu.
  • Multi tabbed rows.
  • Customizable toolbar.

Lunascape full version setup

By clicking the smart engine-switch button next to the address bar, it is very simple to switch rendering engine for any page, until you find the engine most suitable for displaying the page contents. Sites designed exclusively for Trident ( sites) can be registered in the Auto-Engine-Switch list, so that even if the default engine is Gecko, opening the Trident page automatically switches the rendering engine for that tab to Trident. Lunascape 6.15 pin is built on independently developed technology, and the developers claim it is faster than other browsers that use the Gecko engine, in terms of both startup speed and javascript execution.

But instead of opening a new browser, we just selected Gecko from the menu next to the address bar. The page automatically refreshed and displayed properly. We did have some problems with add-ons; the biggest was that the Gecko engine is from Firefox 3. 6.17, while the current release of Firefox is 5.0. This creates some compatibility problems, and given the popularity of Firefox add-ons, it could be a significant drawback for some users. If you have questions about how Lunascape 6.15.2 Full Version pre-Activated works, there’s an online Help file that includes video tutorials. Overall, we think that Lunascape 6.15 Activation Key is a great choice for people who’d like to combine their favorite aspects of various browsers or for developers who need to test code across multiple browsers. Lunascape Full Version portable installs politely but leaves a folder behind upon removal. Lunascape 6.15 cracked is the world’s first and only triple engine browser


  • a nice setup for easy install
  • Fast, flexible and useful.
  • Feels rusty when first using it. It’s hard to get use to.
  • Haven’t found any as of yet. I love it!
  • Works for sites requiring IE, but much faster loading then most browsers
  • slow. doesn’t allow for password programs such as Roboform or LastPass. slow.
Lunascape Full Version Registered

You can select the rendering engine that will be used by your browser by default and change the preferences for each engine. The interface is highly customizable and allows you to edit the toolbar items in order to create the interface that you are familiar with. Your bookmarks, history and feeds are displayed in a sidebar that enables you to access them very quickly. The sidebar content can also be customized by adding new items such as the tab tree view or the Internet Explorer favorites. If you do not want to import all the bookmarks from Internet Explorer but still want to access them, this is a good tool.

System Requirement:

  • Memory: 1GB (recommended: 2GB or more)
  • Internet Explorer 6 or later
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP, Windows 2K, Windows 8, Windows 2012, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows 10, Windows 98
  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author Lunascape
  • Last version 6.15.2

What’s new in last version:

This release includes Gecko upgrade to 45.9.0.
Updated the Gecko engine version to 45.2.0.
Fixed Bug:
Fixed the bug that the unknown space is appeared on the right side when the Lunascape window is maximized.
Fixed the bug that the platform version of the user agent is a wrong value in Trident engine.
Updated a part of default bookmarks.
Fixed the bug that Gecko installer is not launched after Gecko engine is selected in case that Gecko engine is not installed.
Updated the Gecko engine version to 38.8.0.
This release includes Gecko upgrade to 38.7.1 and a bug fix of an installer.
Updated the Gecko engine version to 38.7.1.
Fixed the bug that the starting installer is blocked by Windows.
Updated the Gecko engine version to 38.5.2

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  1. To set some of the controls to AUTO you have to buy Upgrade, BUT it keeps you in control of your own choices!

  2. Since importing graphics, I have had a few “fatal errors” when opening a saved file. I think it may be in the 3D rendering. After trying a couple of times, the file opens just as it should. Texturing of individual walls and floors would be nice.

  3. In spite of the program is an open source code program, not totally free, for some parts you must pay. The creators say they need money to improve the program, i accept their method.

  4. I thought this program was great until I tried to do a restore to upgrade my HD. It kept locking up. I managed to use the Disk Clone feature while running in Windows and it worked, but I am very concerned about having to do a restore in the event of a major failure. Will it work or will it crash and lock-up like it did so many times? It’s too bad. Otherwise this would be a fantastic program.

  5. Installed version 10.1.5 in windows XP SP3 system. Would not print PDF file (large screen popped up with what appeared to be extremely large, distorted font – no characters appeared in popup menus). Attempted to change some options, but the popup menus displayed no characters. Reversion to 9.5 fixed problem, but will probably use Foxit in future.

  6. The Registry fixer takes out everything—a computer technician should be the only person using this program–it even kept system restore from working–changed the screen layout–slowed the computer to a snails pace–really screwed up my computer–cost 300 dollars to fix using their company

  7. It would be nice if you could see what was going to be deleated after a scan instead of after.

  8. Some of the videos from Youtube don’t convert. Sometimes freezes up while converting.

  9. I would stay away from this one – nothing but trouble in my system – hard to remove

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