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Download MartView with keygen – Animated book reader that is compatible with PDF files, and allows you to download and upload ebooks, with multi-monitor support A great program that helps you read, download, create and upload e-books MartView 2.52 For Windows 10 Download is a desktop/laptop/touch-screen friendly FREE eBook/PDF reader that is compatible with… MART is a file format for electronic books, and we have to admit that we had never heard of it before. The paucity of Google results about this format made us wonder about its popularity, but it turns out that there is no shortage of people using the format to upload e-books for viewing with MartView Full Version portable. Not only does this e-reader let you view electronic documents, it also makes it easy to create and share books of your own.

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As far as program options are concerned, you can choose the screen mode between normal and touch screen, establish the default viewing mode, enable display on multiple monitors, alter the bookshelf directory and enable folder protection (comes in handy when sharing the app with other users), as well as view keyboard shortcuts.

Straightforward ebook reader, but could use more support

While fresh-looking and easy to use, the downside comes from the format support which is basically limited to two types of files. Then again, you can create ebooks from comic book files, archives and images if you prefer, the method could prove too laborious if you want to convert dozens of files. Despite the limited support, MartView 2.52 keys is an overall attractive application with good response time and that could come in handy for reading digitally supported ebooks.

It is worth mentioning that you can organize your favorite books into a bookshelf by folders, press both mouse buttons to instantly zoom into the pages, flip through pages by holding and dragging the mouse or using the scroll-wheel, jump to particular pages via thumbnail viewing mode, as well as toggle between flipping, horizontal or vertical slide mode to speed up reading. The online library is a nice addition, since you can get numerous new ebooks and magazines which you can afterward enjoy offline (while traveling with the plane or train for example).


  • quickly download hundreds of e-books
  • none
  • Not the best eReader but easy to use……
  • The loading applet screen never progresses, …at all.
  • Looks “slick” but don’t mistake slick for slime.
  • It’s a really useful product and easy to use!
  • Seems to have great features and potential for some operating systems.
  • Great format and easy to navigate although some more interesting content needed in the free section.
  • The free section doesn’t contain many interesting selections. You could for example, offer the first book of a series for free to encourage people to want to buy the other books in the series
MartView full version free

Animated book reader that is compatible with PDF files, and allows you to download and upload ebooks, with multi-monitor support This great piece of software provides you with an interactive and animated way to read your e-books. You can view all of your magazines in multiple ways: you can flip every page or you can horizontally or vertically slide every page. No matter what mode you choose, you don’t have to click every time you want to turn a page (or slide the page). You can do this much easier by using the mouse scroll.

System Requirement:

  • Java
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP 32/64 bit
  • Homepage:
  • Author MartView
  • Last version 2.52

What’s new in last version:

Epub support (Beta feature)
Bookshelf Window: Added "Recent book"
Create E-Book Window: E-Book creation list
Improved performance and usability.
Setting Window
Bookshelf's "Recent book" configuration
Epub's font and size selection
Improves performance and usability.
Version 2.3 includes:
Right to left orientation support.
Improved zip, rar, cbz & cbr supports: direct reading without conversion.
Enabled Martview to display on secondary monitors.
Added clear caches option.
Added popular tab to library window
Enabled drag & drop file opening from windows environment to martview
Version 2.1 includes:
Fixed bug that prevent non-English PC to access download list.
Fixed splashscreen freezing issue.
Fixed bugs.

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  1. Using global wildcards doesn’t always work (i.e. blocksite*com). Also, who are these people (No “about us”)? If you go to their site, you won’t find an address/number or anything else. Because they don’t feel they need to acknowledge themselves, neither will I.

  2. Media management doesn’t work with my 8520, Backup file is very very small that means the backup is not good enough. Cant manage calls and sms from desktop. Every time tries to update the phones software.

  3. Many features of this software do not function. The on-line help site did not tell me everything, but it was fun figuring out how the program works. There is, however, another problem which makes Kalendra impossible for me to use: Once I exit the program, all of my entries are lost. To make matters worse, after I closed Kalendra I received an access violation warning which froze up my computer so badly I could not even close Windows to restart, and finally had to to shut off power to the computer. One possible explanation is an error notice I received when installing the software, however it allowed me to ignore the error and continue the installation. The same thing happened when I installed it the second time. I don’t know what’s wrong but if they get the bugs out, Kalendra will be truly wonderous software.

  4. The interface minimizes useful document-displaying area and maximizes buttons and tabs that are never used. With a modern laptop screen whose vertical resolution is not very high, it becomes a very large obstacle to productivity.

  5. Couldn’t find a help file to discover what it means in the options where it is set to Re-set the Winsock and that is associated with internet connections or used to be part of dial-up but there seems no problem so I have no idea if this is safe to leave it ticked. Otherwise so far no problems worth mentioning here – yet!

  6. It has problems with showing diacritic language chars (like with cedilla, macron, caron) that get converted to ?. Lacks basic features, no settings. Choose something better.

  7. So far I haven’t found any problems. I did have a problem with registration but customer service fix my issue in a matter of hours.

  8. None that I can really think of, aside maybe from the fact that they update pretty regularly. It’s a good thing for the program, but just a bit of a hassle that I have to re-download the program every couple of days.

  9. I have been using this text editor for many years. It is a wonderful text editor, easy to use, user-friendly interface.

  10. Very limited and questionable content for Canada. Many other programs available that deal more specifically with Canadian conditions but most of them are not very comprehensive when it comes to the US. Hard to uninstall this program from VISTA & XP Pro for some reson.

  11. Bottom Line: This program does NOT open or read all pdf files that you may have or are going to have or whatever. Yes, gray screen on some, some open just fine. But of course the files that are most important right now WON’T OPEN.

  12. Did not like the fact that you can not use decimals. All dollar amounts must be rounded off…which seems strange for a “Money/Budget” app. Also can not resize window.

  13. cabal is good and one of the best game to play, but it’s very choosy in some way… i have 700 mb RAM but everytime i polay cabal, there’s a tendency my Pc will boot on its own….

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