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MEmu 7.1.6 full version

MEmu 7.1.6 For Windows 10 Download has the richest features: Full Android experience with an elegant desktop. Flexible customization (CPU, memory, resolution, device model, root mode). Mapping the keyboard/joystick to screen touch for much better game experience. Passing through sensor data (e.g. accelerator) to Android, like Microsoft Surface. GPS location simulation, show up wherever you want. File sharing between Windows and Android. One click to create/clone Android instances. With MEmu 7.1.6 crack, you can: Have fun to play Android games on PC with bigger screen and unlimited battery; Play with multiple apps/games in multiple windows (Android instances); Chat with friends by keyboard like Whatsapp; Watch live show and TV channels.

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Free Android emulator for PC
MEmu pre-Activated allows you to emulate Android environment on your Windows system. MEmu 7.1.6 Full Version Free Download runs on nearly all Windows devices (PC, notebook, 2-in-1 devices, tablets). Comparing to other Android emulators, MEmu with keygen provides the highest performance and greatest compatibility. Moreover, Emulate Android environment on your Windows system. MEmu 7.1.6 Free Download Activator has the richest features: Full Android experience with an elegant desktop. Flexible customization (CPU, memory, resolution, device model, root mode). Mapping the keyboard/joystick to screen touch for much better game experience.

  • Full Android experience with an elegant desktop
  • Flexible customization (CPU#, memory size, resolution, device model, nav bar location and root mode)
  • Mapping the keyboard/joystick to screen touch for much better game experience
  • Passing through sensor data (e.g. accelerometer) to Android, so you can play car-racing games intuitively
  • GPS location simulation
  • File sharing between Windows and Android
  • Fast APK installation by dragging and dropping
  • One-click Android system creation/clone/ deleting, and you can run multiple Android instances simultaneously


  • Uses a small amount of CPU resources
  • Supports various hardware configurations
  • Provides you with multiple settings for improving your gameplay experience
  • It might take a while for MEmu to launch
  • Lets you install an app from an APK file on your PC
  • Some things are in Chinese but it doesn’t really matter.
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Install applications and browse the Internet in an Android environment

Users will find all the core features that have distinguished the praised OS from its competitors. From the swift navigation provided by the lower options bar to the intuitive side-panels and quick browsing functions, everything good about Android is now available for desktop PCs. Several enhancements are available, such as the ability to rotate the display, exactly replicating that of a mobile phone. Also, a “Shake” function can be used to simulate vibrations triggered when receiving a call, for example. One-button camera snapshots allow one to make screenshots quickly and the intuitive sound slide bar can be used to mute the volume with just a few mouse clicks.

System Requirement:

  • Intel or AMD CPU (with Virtualization Technology support preferred)
  • GPU with OpenGL 2.0+ support
  • At least 1 GB free system memory
  • At least 2 GB of free disk space under installation path
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP
  • Language English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Korean, German, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, Czech, Chinese
  • Homepage:
  • Author Microvirt Co
  • Last version 7.1.6

Can I use Memu on Window XP SP3?

No, you won’t have the possibility to run Memu on the Windows XP SP3 operating systems because it’s unsupported. Windows XP is an unsupported operating system that doesn’t receive updates anymore. It’s strongly advised to either update to Windows 7 or Windows 10.
Here are the system requirements for Memu:

Windows Vista/Windows 7 SP1/Windows 8.1/Windows 10
Intel or AMD x86 CPU (with Virtualization Technology support preferred)
GPU with OpenGL 2.0+ support
At least 1 GB free system memory
At least 2 GB of free disk space under installation path

What’s new in last version:

Full immersion with OC Android and a sleek decapitation pad,
Flexible transmission is used for system cookies (startup, memory, resolution, navigation, model),
A coftype change of a bit on a clause,
Emilation of different censorship of android,
Emulation of the GRP event,
Uploaded to files between Windows and Android,
Installing the application through pulling and picking,
It is possible to edit some of the Android cessions in OC Windows. Licenses: Free (Fréeware).
64-bit Android emulator supported (Lineage 2m, World Flipper, etc);
Optimized the performance of following games: Lifeafter, Call of duty Mobile, Asphalt 9 under OpenGL mode;

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46 thoughts on “MEmu 7.1.6 full version

  1. Finally, they have lollipop support now, beyond all the other emulators. AMI duos have lollipop support, but it’s not free.

  2. I think, it’s the best one I have ever tried. It’s nice that I can download it here.

  3. It looks cool. Great performance and compatibility. Multiple Instance Manager can clone several Android instances, then I can use multiple MicroCraft accounts at the same time.

  4. Forces you to have an ugly folder on your desktop where your downloads go. Can’t put the folder anywhere else, must be in desktop.

  5. I have been using this program for years. It is concise, useful and easy to use. I recommend it to any one who wants a comprehensive astrological tool. The chart presentation is easily read compared to some more expensive programs.

  6. I noticed a few things that may need to be worked on, and will update this after using it for another week, basically nothing major

  7. Company offering product is double minded. After you pay for the software the person wants more money – I had my inbox full of emails to upgrade to have it longer.

  8. I am in Turkey as a long term visitor, I don’t speak Turkish. The update screen comes up (only) in Turkish, there are at least four check boxes. The update software should either come up in the universal IT language (English) or should cue off the OS language. I tried the download from and from

  9. I consider anything that installs automatically a virus, so this should not be an exception. I wouldn’t have been so annoyed if I actually needed it installed on my machine. The fact that I just wanted to download the exe and give it to someone but could not find a way to do it (I ended up getting v7) is very frustrating. When a link that says “download” and I click on it I expect to do just that, not something that installs itself without my acknowledgment and provides no easy way to cancel such action.

  10. Need a photo browser to view and manage my RAW photos, hopefully they could get it ready next version…

  11. This program is stupid. It has alot of limitations, and you have to buy it to do anything with it!

  12. I have a wireless network, so people steal internet and make the network busy. So now I can control my network.

  13. Trojan detected by one of the most world famous antivirus software, what else to add…

  14. This new version acts merely as a shortcut to the registry in order to change the time between syncs. The old version appeared to be an independent program that contacted the world clock directly and updated my PC clock.


  16. After a dozen tries, email & calls they still haven’t gotten my outlook fixed. The one tech I got said he didn’t know how to fix it & said the engineer in Georgia would call after lunch. 3 days later no call. Live chat didn’t work either.

  17. Unstable input levels. For example, when previewing an input signal, the level would peak at 50 to 55, but as soon as recording started, levels would drop to a peak of 25. Recording quality was degraded because of input level problem (and yes, I’m certain the problem was not in my line in device or cable). Could be a good program if this major bug is worked out.

  18. any company that offers a limited trial against a full trial is kidding themselves, it is hardly worth the download space. Take them off Ur List Please.

  19. overall the studio blows and is a waste of time, it doesnt recognise any phones more then once if the other coments are any indication and wont recognise the entro evan that one time.

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