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Accesses version-restricted and locally blocked applications Note: The application is now discontinued and does not run on newer Windows. Microsoft AppLocale full version with keygen download is a compact tool designed to help you run non-Unicode applications without having problems in displaying the characters from the app interface. The program allows you to bypass this issue by simulating a “system locale” variable for the target application.

Microsoft AppLocale Full Version serial code

Microsoft AppLocale 1.3 with serial keys is perfect for you if you have Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server in any localized language version and wants to run any legacy software that requires the support for code-page based encoding providing that you already have the language support files for the program's code-page already installed and that you have Administrative privileges on the system or else it will not work as expected and will return an error.

This tool is designed to detect the language of the selected executable and generate a temporary “system locale” without having to reboot your computer. If features a wizard-like interface that enables you to select the file that you want to run and specify command line arguments. If the application fails to detect the language of the non-Unicode program, it allows you to specify the language before running it. It provides support for about one hundred languages and allows you to quickly change the “system locale” variable.


  • Provides the support for code-page based applications on Windows XP -2003
  • No technical support from Microsoft
Microsoft AppLocale license code

Even if this solution might seem a good option for legacy applications, the users might experience functionality limitations for some programs launched by emulating the language environment. A list of compatible apps can be found in the included documentation. If you encounter problems with applications that were functional on a computer with a different locale, you should try Microsoft AppLocale registration keys before manually changing the “system locale” variable.

System Requirement:

  • Author Microsoft
  • Last version

I tried to install this, but it says that there is a problem with my Windows Installer package. What should I do?

When you have issues with Windows Installer, then the simplest way to fix them is to reinstall the actual package.
Access the following page and download the Windows Installer package:
Close all the background running apps and run the installer, then repeat the installation procedure for Microsoft AppLocale.

Hi, I’m having problems instaling AppLocale on windows 10… Simply don’t work

To install AppLocale on Windows 10:

  1. Download apploc.msi.
  2. Move apploc.msi to C:/ directory for simple installation
  3. Hit the start button and type “cmd”, you will see “cmd.exe” under Programs Right click and select “Run as administrator” and click “Yes” on the confirmation window
  4. Run apploc.msi through this command prompt – “C:apploc.msi”

I have Windows 10 and apparently applocale becomes a Word DOC when I download it, now I can’t install it.

The installer package of AppLocale is in MSI format, which means that you’ll need the Windows Installer to actually install it. To fix this issue and repair the file association, simply re-download the Windows Installer package from the official website.
The latest version is 4.5 and available on the following page. It pretty much has support for all versions of Windows that have been released.

download msi2exe and type in aplloc.msi.doc. convert the file to exe and run the new exe file and the installer shoud work fine.

It says there is a problem with my redistribution pack and I’m missing a file. Tried downloading 4.5 but couldn’t do that either.

Yes, there is a problem with the installation package on my end as well. I’ve downloaded the application on my PC and tried to install it, but I receive the same error everyone gets. It says there is a problem with the installation package. Unfortunately, you can install the application on versions of Windows up to Windows 7. As far as I know and based on the information found on the Internet, you can’t install it on Windows 8. I have used Windows 10 x64 and encountered the same issue as well.

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